T-Lab R3 Road Bicycle

Now that spring and summer are well and truly upon us, many people will be turning their attention to the two-wheeled adventures over the next few months and if you want to hit the road in search of new experiences, you’re going to need a steed that is up to the job. Enter the T-Lab R3 Road Bicycle which is unquestionably one of the most accomplished rides you’re likely to encounter and boasts a multitude of impressive features which will help set it apart from the competition.

The T-Lab R3 Road Series Bicycle is designed to be the ideal ally for all those road based adventures and for riders who love the ability to go wherever their imagination will take them without being restricted by their bike’s capabilities. This fantastic looking ride from T-Lab might not come cheap with a price tag of $4900 but when you think about just how good the build quality is combined with the everlasting ride quality of titanium, you’ll soon come to realise that is well and truly money well spent.

Innovative Design & Build

One of the stand out features of the T-Lab R3 is the proprietary shaping which delivers an exceptionally profiled titanium frame that ensures 30% more lateral stiffness and related performance versus leading round-tube Ti frames and makes for a much more responsive ride, whatever the road ahead.

The T-Lab R3 frame configuration which has been carefully optimised to take on the most rigorous of road terrain that you’re likely to encounter. This first class ride from T-Lab has a future-proofed design courtesy of the swappable T-One rear dropouts and Mech/Elec shifter convertibility which combine to provide complete adaptability over time.

Construction is another area in which the T-Lab R3 out from the competition given its seamless, Grade 9 (3Al – 2.5v) titanium body which is cold-worked in order to optimise the stiffness-to-weight ratio without affecting the inherent qualities of titanium. The bike features unique, integrated drop out design which offers an exponential advantage with regards to stiffness, shifting precision, and durability out on the road.

Customise Your Ride

To top it all off, the T-Lab R3 allows you to customise its aesthetic finish and build to your own requirements. You can pick the look and frame style of the bike to match your style tastes and riding style. This level of choice combined with the advanced performance characteristics of the R3 will make this cracking steed from T-Lab a real candidate to be their next ride with all the serious off-road cyclists out there.

With a starting price tag of $4900 for a full bike build, it is clear that this R3 Bike represents somewhat of an investment but if you want your next bike to be the one you’ll be riding for many years to come and can upgrade it when new advancements come out, it really will be difficult to beat. A fantastic design which boasts many innovative features, it’s easy to see why this ride from T-Lab is proving popular amongst the hardcore cyclists out there.

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