Tabula Rasa TR Smart Desk

One’s workspace is the most crucial component of remaining creative and productive throughout the working day and, as you may have noticed, there is a growing clamour for standing desks because of the apparent health benefits that they have. Well, truth be told, the majority of standing desks on the market don’t hit the right notes aesthetically in our opinion here at Coolector HQ but this awesome looking TR Smart Desk from Tabula Rasa has put paid to that notion.

The TR Smart Desk from Tabula Rasa is set to become a luxury home office must-have that will add a visual impact to your home office set up. In-keeping with Tabula Rasa Design’s signature aesthetic, this latest offering expertly combines traditional and modern materials, but takes things one step further with the addition of advanced remote-activated technology to provide one of the coolest looking standing desks we’ve seen here at The Coolector.

Brilliantly Bespoke Design

These high-quality standing desks from Scottish workshop, Tabula Rasa, are handcrafted to order, with the first release crafted from the increasingly rare Scottish Wych Elm. This stunning 300-year-old piece of wood was carefully hand-selected by master craftsman, Derek Annand, who is the man behind the Tabula Rasa workshop. He choose due to its distinctive grain pattern of earthy green and brown tones, which is the result of the minerals found in the soil in a specific region in the West of Scotland.

The highly attractive Tabula Rasa TR Standing Desk boasts a well-engineered leg frame which is made from black powder-coated steel, and the quality finish is further enhanced with carefully considered details such as the brass dovetail inlays, and the TR branded leather and brass handle on the drawer. There is an intelligent blend of aesthetics and ergonomics with this great piece of designer furniture.

The desk connects to an app, which is available on all smartphones, which allows you to raise or lower it to whatever height you desire for your optimal working space. At its lowest point, the desk stands at just 68cm, and will effortlessly elevate to a maximum height of 133cm courtesy of the smooth-action dual electric motors. This means that you can seamlessly switch between sitting and standing whilst working and enjoy all the health benefits that come from not slouching over your keyboard for 8 hours a day. 

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