Taiga Apparel

Russia is perhaps not the first place that springs immediately to mind here at Coolector HQ when we’re on the lookout for awesome new apparel brands but that’s exactly what we’ve found when we stumbled across a brand by the name of Taiga, which boasts a mightily impressive selection of wares that are right up our tee loving street.

With typography and illustration as the stand out characteristics of this awesome looking T-shirts and associated apparel, it was little wonder that we fell for it hook, line and sinker at The Coolector. Taiga are a relative newcomer to the apparel market, having been founded in 2013, and the herald from Siberia so the wilderness plays heavily in their cracking collection of designs. You can check out a few of our favourites below:




It’s great to come across new brands that fly under the radar and Taiga Apparel definitely falls into this bracket for us. If you love your T-shirts illustration and typography inspired with more than a hint of wilderness, then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Taiga and their spiffing selection of wares.

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