TAXA Outdoors Wooly Bear Basecamp Trailer

Hitting the open road in search of adventure is going to be on the agenda for a lot of people over the next few months as summer turns to autumn and, quite frankly, there is no better time to do it. To improve the enjoyment of these road trip adventures, however, it’s a good idea to have the right gear for the occasion and you’re not going to find a better adventure ally than this superb looking TAXA Outdoors Wooly Bear Basecamp Trailer.

The TAXA Outdoors Wooly Bear Basecamp Trailer is billed as a “go-anywhere” offering that will be right by your side wherever the trail leads you this summer. This cracking bit of kit from TAXA Outdoors is so much more than a mere gear hauler. The Woolly Bear is the basecamp you’ve always dreamed of and you’ll be blown away by its unparalleled performance out on the road. Its features include a full-size outdoor kitchen, storage systems, pull-out area for coolers and an elevated platform that accommodates most 2- to 3-person tents – so, long story short, everything you need for the ultimate in wilderness adventures.

Packed Full of Innovation

This really isn’t your average trailer and the TAXA Outdoors Wooly Bear Basecamp has to be seen to be believed. This excellent piece of design is packed full of as much innovation as it is trail-ready gear. It is a lightweight and versatile trailer that will be ready for whatever you can throw at it out on the open road and it is easily towable by 4-cylinder vehicles, so you can take it almost anywhere you can your vehicle.

The TAXA Outdoors Wooly Bear Basecamp Trailer has more than enough storage space for all your gear and grub that you want to bring with you on your adventures into the wild. Boasting a a full-size camping kitchen, logical storage for gear and food and a pull-out drawer that fits most large coolers which will be stocked full of craft beer if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ – the Woolly Bear really is a camper’s dream ticket.

With a frightfully impressive large cargo capacity, the Wooly Bear Basecamp Trailer from TAXA Outdoors is going to offer more than enough versatility for even the most prepared of campers who want to bring everything with them. The vast cargo deck is capable of holding bikes, boards, and boats and/or a spacious rooftop tent and the rear accessory hitch lets you carry even more if you need it.

Phenomenal Features

It is the high quality finish of the Wooly Bear Basecamp Trailer from TAXA Outdoors which really sets it apart from the competition. Some of the stand out features include laser cut steel cargo decks, powered coated steel cabinets, torsion axle suspension, LED underbody lighting, quad stabiliser jacks and a birch plywood kitchen organiser to name but a few. This will turn heads whenever you hit the road, that’s for sure.

For all your adventure road trips in 2019 and beyond, the TAXA Outdoors Wooly Bear Basecamp Trailer would certainly be a top pick of ours here at Coolector HQ and the quality of the build and sheer versatility of the performance truly does set it apart from the competition. A great looking trailer that has more innovation and functionality than you can shake a stick at.

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