Boundary Errant Everyday Backpack

Versatility is a key component of any carry and, in our opinion, the humble backpack is probably the most functional and versatile of all the different types of bag on the market and that’s particularly true when it’s as well designed and crafted as this Boundary Errant Everyday Backpack which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. This magnificent accessory has a sleek and minimal design which will adapt to suit any activity or adventure.

The Boundary Errant Everyday Backpack is a robust, well-crafted and highly functional carry which has already taken Kickstarter by storm amongst the adventure inclined looking for the ultimate in wilderness ready accessories. Billed as the ultimate in everyday backpacks, the Errant delivers fluid organisation, modular components, and simple access keep creative tools in check, camera gear at hand, and a space for anything and everything. And, best of all, you can bag one for just $100 during the Kickstarter campaign.

A Bag For All Occasions

It’s minimal and understated design will effortlessly transition to suit the commuter, photographer, and adventurer in question and no matter what you’re packing away for the journey, the Errant Everyday Backpack from Boundary won’t let you down. Crafted from purpose picked, robust materials, this is one durable carry that has been designed to be carried everywhere with you, wherever that may be and the excellent amount of storage space will make sure you never have to leave anything you need behind.

The Boundary Errant Everyday Backpack on Kickstarter always make sure that you have effortless access to all your belongings within and the exterior of these bags are chock full of fantastic features and materials that belie the $100 price tag. This includes 500D DuraMax Kodra materials, a side bottle / tripod pocket, a stormproof top flap closure, a robust Hypalon front panel, and a 6 litre expandable dry / wet pocket on the bottom of the bag.

Available in three different colourways – namely, Slate Blue, Hymassa Tan and Black – you can pick the one that best suits your style tendencies during the Kickstarter campaign. The Boundary Errant Everyday Backpack uses magnetic buckles to safely latch the flap down which means that you can access and store gear on the fly or use the YKK zipper under the flap to add that extra level of security to your more precious belongings such as bits of technology or passports.

A Comfortable Carry

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Errant Everyday Backpack from Boundary when you sling it over your shoulder is just how comfortable it remains, even when fully loaded. This is courtesy of the clever use of materials on the backplate such as LFT channel foam which is breathable, comfortable and antimicrobial so wherever you’re headed, this carry will always deliver the ultimate in comfort and performance.

At just $100 during the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more comprehensively excellent carry than the Boundary Errant Everyday Backpack for the same price range. Plenty of storage, incredibly robust and versatile, there is little wonder why it has already proved so popular on the crowdfunding platform. Head on over and grab a bargain of your own now.

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