anOrdain Model 2 Watches

There are no shortage of brands capturing our attention during these times of quarantining but so far as timepieces are concerned, there is one that has caught our eye in particular and that is anOrdain. Their fantastic collection of timepieces are supremely stylish to say the least and it is their Model 2 Watches that we’re wanting on our own wrist for these spring and summer months that are approaching.

Relative newcomers to the world of watchmaking, anOrdain are based in Glasgow’s Templeton Building, and their multidisciplinary team of ten designers and makers oversee all elements of their timepieces, from design, to manufacture and assembly. This leads to an unparalleled level of quality which is typified in the glorious looking anOrdain Model 2 Watches which are dripping in style and come with a price tag of £1140 – something which represents great value for money when you take the quality on offer into account.

Hand Crafted Quality

It is clear to see that a real attention to detail has gone into the design and build of these anOrdain Model 2 Watches and the eye-catching visuals is something that definitely sets them apart from the competition. At the heart of the Model 2 Watch from anOrdain is the vitreous (or grand feu) enamel dial, which has been crafted in-house by one of the watchmaker’s three enamellers. Each dial takes a minimum of 12 hours and many years of experience to complete.

The anOrdain Model 2 Watches (£1140) boast a really unique depth of colour which is quite unlike anything else we’ve encountered in the watchmaking world here at The Coolector. There are plenty of striking dial colours to choose from with these Model 2 Watches which includes Moss Green, Torr Blue and, our favourite, Midnight Green so you’ll be sure to find one that tallies with your style persuasions when it comes to wristwatches.

These Model 2 Watches have bespoke case engraving on the solid casebacks and you can customise your watch with your own bespoke messaging which adds to their uniqueness and makes them much more pertinent to you. Boasting Swiss made hands which are designed to be unlike any others you’ll find on a watch, with the body elegantly holding the luminous tips, much in the way a hand holds a fountain pen.

Movement Matters

If you’re a horology aficionado, you’ll know that the movement that a watch possesses speaks volumes about its quality and these Model 2 Watches from anOrdain definitely don’t disappoint. Each one has SW-210 movement which means they are driven by a hand-wound Swiss Sellita movement, and this is a movement which can be easily serviced by virtually any watchmaker.

For those men looking for a new watchmaker to spend their money on in 2020, anOrdain are new to us and we’re sure there will be plenty out there who are as impressed as us with the visuals, craftsmanship and materials used in these eye-catching Model 2 timepieces. They offer straps in a variety of materials and sizes to suit your requirements. All of anOrdain’s straps are crafted in Germany by a company which has been in business for over 70 years and are just as good as the timepieces themselves.

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