Teckell Intervallo Foosball Table

We are quite big foosball aficionados here at Coolector HQ but, I think it’s fair to say, space is somewhat of a premium and we don’t really have the requisite space to facilitate a full-sized table in our midst. This needn’t mean we have to opt for a tacky little plastic number or anything but the best courtesy of this scaled down version of a foosball table that goes by the name of the Teckell Intervallo and it is all sorts of awesome.

Teckell offer Italian made Foosball tables, including full-sized versions, but it is this wonderfully petite offering, which measures no more than your average coffee table and boasts fewer players than the normal foosball table so you’ll have less strikers on the pitch but you definitely don’t compromise on style. 74cm x 92cm of sheer luxury, the Teckell Intervallo would already be in our headquarters were it not for the rather hefty price tag. Take a look at the shots below to see why we harbour such an ardent desire for the Intervallo Foosball Table:





Price: $5,900

Available: Teckell Foosball.

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