TEKTO Amber Automatic Knife

For those serious about their EDC collection, you’ll be only too aware that a good quality pocket knife will be a cornerstone of said collection and you’ll be hard pressed to find many better than this Amber Automatic Knife from the guys at TEKTO. Ideally suited for day to day use and tasks, this first class bit of kit has a great aesthetic and even better performance which combine to make it a great addition to any modern man’s collection of everyday carry.


TEKTO are a brand that are synonymous with the wilderness and adventure and they are all about the science of connecting outdoors. As outdoor lovers like you keep pushing boundaries, TEKTO strive to set new goals and develop new smart accessories and EDC items to meet your needs. It is their aim is to bring you products where high quality meets sleek and unique design and they make sure their products lead the way both in function and fashion – and the TEKTO Amber Automatic Knife is a superb example of this in action.

Ready For Anything

When choosing the pieces for their EDC line up, most men will gravitate towards the most versatile, functional and useful accessories and this Amber Automatic Knife from TEKTO excels in all these areas. This Automatic Knife from TEKTO Gear has a mighty reasonable price tag of $179.99 and it is the perfect highly functional everyday carry. It is both discrete and simple to use, and it boasts a striking chrome steel blade that’s as eye-catching as it is sharp.

The Amber Automatic Knife from TEKTO ($179.99) has a total length of 8.9″ with a blade length of 3.8″ so it will effortlessly fit into your EDC line up without weighing you down. It is incredibly lightweight and weighs in at just 0.58lbs so if you’re after a top performing pocketknife that won’t add unnecessary bulk to your everyday carry, you may well have just found the perfect candidate in the shape of the Amber Automatic Knife.

Crafted from exceptionally robust chrome steel, this Amber Automatic Knife from TEKTO really is ready for anything and it has some great extra features which help it stand out from the crowd still further. This includes a hip clip and a glass window breaker so this is exactly the sort of EDC that you’ll want to have close at hand in an emergency. TEKTO boast an impressive array of pocketknives to choose from but it is this fantastic Amber Automatic Knife that immediately stood out to us here at Coolector HQ.

Simple, Authentic Design

TEKTO are a no-nonsense brand that focuses on making high quality products that are genuinely useful and the Amber Automatic Knife showcases their considerable talents in this regard. The fabric of the company’s ethos is built on simplicity, authenticity, drive, and adventure and this shines through in all the awesome gear they craft. From weekend breaks to exotic escapades, TEKTO take great pride in equipping you with gears that help you lift all limits.

Boasting unparalleled craftsmanship and a great price of just $179.99, it’s not hard to see why the Amber Automatic Knife is one of TEKTO’s most popular products to date. For any man who takes pride in their EDC and wants the cornerstone piece for their collection, you’ll find everything you’re after and more with this top class bit of kit from TEKTO.


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