Tera Brew Beer Dispenser

Needless to say, most of us will have a coffee machine in our kitchens or workspace and that’s all well and good because we love coffee at Coolector HQ but the one beverage we unquestionably like more is that of craft beer and that, sir, is why we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by this awesome looking Tera Brew Beer Dispenser which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak.

The Tera Brew Beer Dispenser is billed as the ultimate in portable beer solutions which is capable of enhancing the taste of your favourite brews by ensuring they are delivered at the optimal temperature. This fantastic device will be any regular beer drinker’s dream ticket because it means you can take your amber nectar with you more or less anywhere courtesy of the highly portable design of the product and it is chock full of smart, technologically orientated features which help differentiate it from the competition.

Beer ‘O Clock

If you’re the sort of chap that goes to your local brewery or tap room with a growler in tow, you’ll likely want to invest in one of these super cool Tera Brew Beer Dispensers because they are designed to keep the craft beer from your favourite local brewery fresher, and for longer. This means that you can enjoy all the mouthwatering taste without the annoyance, bulkiness and inconvenience of CO2 cartridges – which you’ll normally see in machines of this nature.

The Tera Brew Beer Dispenser on Kickstarter has a smart cooling system with 3 temperature settings, which means you can customise according to how you like to drink your beer. In order to set the optimal temperature, you just need to press once for 36° F (2° C), twice for 46° F (8° C), & 3 times for 53° F (12° C) so whatever temperature your beer is best served at, the Tera Brew has got your back. It also has a sleek, lightweight design and ergonomic handle so that it is super easy to carry around meaning you can head to the beach, the park, or out into the wild and still share your beer with friends.

An ability to have your favourite beer on tap anytime, anyplace is one that is too good to turn up in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure there will be plenty of other craft beer fans out there equally as enamoured with the Tera Brew Beer Dispenser’s capabilities. Some of the stand out features include a built-in, stainless steel keg, powerful lithium battery, smart pressure sensor, perfect pour functionality and the fact it is multi-beverage compatible meaning you don’t just have to use beer in it.

On The Go Beer

One of the most important features of the Tera Brew Beer Dispenser when compared to its competitors is its unparalleled portability. This fantastic piece of beer technology is carefully and thoughtfully designed to be the most innovative and sophisticated craft beer dispenser on the market and offers all the benefits of its smart features, but without the unnecessary bulkiness of other machines.

Weighing in at just 10lbs, (with competitors on the market such as Growler Chill at 69lbs & Synek at 30lbs) the Tera Brew Beer Dispenser is at least 3x lighter meaning you really can enjoy your beer anywhere you go. If you like the sound of highly portable craft beer (who doesn’t) then you’ve still got plenty of time to head on over to Kickstarter and throw your support behind this awesome campaign.

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