Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe

With Range Rovers roaming around the boring suburbs of the world, it’s easy to think of the vehicle as a commonplace machine. Land Rover decided it needed a bespoke Ranger Rover that would really showcase how special the model actually is. That’s where the 2018 Range Rover SV Coupe fits in.

The Range Rover SV Coupe looks much the same as others in the company’s lineup just with two fewer doors and a whole lot more style and presence. The closer you look the more you’ll discover that this luxurious, powerful and unique machine is virtually unparalleled on the market right now.

Limited Edition, Hand Assembled

The Range Rover SV Coupe is no common SUV. It’s a limited-edition machine, with Land Rover pledging to produce only 999 models. Although it looks similar to the standard Range Rover, only parts of the tailgate and the hood are shared with the regular model. Otherwise, it features all-new aluminum body panels. Each vehicle will be hand-assembled to the client’s personal specifications and preferences. This is the first time Land Rover will be working this closely with individual buyers.

The Range Rover SV Coupe comes in over 100 different paint colors and finishes. The company chose a 5.0-liter Supercharged V8 and an 8-speed automatic transmission that makes 557 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque for under the hood. This powertrain can launch the SUV from a standstill to 60 mph in a quick five seconds. It has a top speed of 165 mph. Air suspension and Land Rover’s Terrain Response 2 system allow the vehicle to handle just about any terrain or inclement weather conditions.

The best parts of the Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe are found inside the vehicle. The seats have been revised. They’re 20-way adjustable up front and 10-way in the rear. They’re also wider and deeper for added comfort. All the diamond-quilted leather comes from the same tannery that’s been in business for 113 years.

A True Luxury Off-Roader

Additionally, there are custom door handles, special tread plate engravings and four special two-tone interior options that vary the front seat color from the rear. The wood veneer is made of walnut and sycamore and is featured on the steering wheel, door panels, center console, cargo area and dash.

On the dash are two 10-inch touchscreens. One is for infotainment controls and the other for climate controls and vehicle settings. There’s also a 12-inch configurable instrument cluster and a 10-inch head-up display. The sound system comes from Meridian and features 23-speakers.

The last feature of note for the Land Rover Range Rover SV Coupe is an optional one. It’s Land Rover’s special Care Package. This covers scheduled service and maintenance for a five-year period and includes everything from brake pads to wiper blades. If you’ve always loved the off-road capability and status that came with the Land Rover name but found the four-door Range Rover was not your cup of tea, this may be the perfect vehicle.

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