Tesla Model M Motorcycle

Tesla have, of course, made somewhat of a name for themselves of late with their premium electric cars so it was only a matter of time, perhaps, before attention turned to a motorcycle iteration and we’ve got our fingers firmly crossed here at Coolector HQ that it looks like the Tesla Model M Motorcycle concept from well-known designer, Jans Shlapins.

Though this concept design is, of course, not commercially available as of yet, one can but hope that when Tesla do inevitably venture into the motorcycle game, it will look like the Model M. Shlapins is best known for coming up with vehicle designs that are on the cusp of what is possible from a technological standpoint and the Model M Tesla Motorcycle is no exception.

Elon Musk is obviously a busy individual given all his endeavours but we’re hoping he’s sat up and taken notice of Shlapins’ design and taken it on board for when Tesla make a motorcycle of their own. Check out a few more shots of this concept design below:




There is an air of inevitably, given the success of their cars, that Tesla will release a motorcycle and we can all but hope that it will be at least aesthetically similar to the one imagined by Shlapins.

The concept boasts a 150kW electric motor with computer controlled modes that come in four different iterations: Cruise, Race, Eco and Standard. Lithium-ion batteries are installed on the chasis as low as possible within the aluminium frame and the fuel tank is deployed as a water-tight storage space for a laptop, backpack or anything else the rider might want to port about.

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