The Artifox Desk 02

One’s workspace is integral to productivity in our experience here at Coolector HQ and a well designed, understated and expertly crafted desk is of pivotal importance and that’s why we always have our head turned by the awesome looking Artifox Desk 02 which is overflowing with sophisticated style and first class features designed to make you as productive as possible.

The Artifox Desk 02 is available in a number of different materials so you’ll be able to find the one that best fits in with the aesthetic of your home office. With prices starting at $950, it represents quite a large investment of course but one you definitely won’t regret making because this superb desk will be a mainstay of your working and creating life for many years to come. It has been cleverly designed to offer an uncluttered workspace and ensure all your essentials are always within arm’s reach.

Impeccably Designed

We love the understated, minimalist vibe of all the products from The Artifox but it is their Desk 02 which really stands out for us at The Coolector. If you find yourself thinking of a new workspace for 2020, this would certainly be one of our top picks. Available in Oak, Walnut, Bone and Black versions, the Desk 02 is stylish and sophisticated and geared towards making sure you can stay concentrated on the work at hand.

The Artifox Desk 02 is a contemporary, tech-friendly offering with a design which effortlessly adapts to your needs to create the ideal workspace day in, day out. Desk 02’s built-in dock stores your phone and tablet and you’ll always have your EDC essentials easily accessible. Its functional cable grid neatly manages power cords and stops them from messing up your workspace. This fantastic looking desk is compatible with a range of ARTIFOX accessories which helps you personalise it to truly make it your own. Lightweight design that assembles in minutes, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

There are plenty of stand out features to the Desk 02 from The Artifox which will make it a stand out candidate to be your next workspace. This include the Dock, which is the perfect resting place for your tablet or phone. Soft felt knows hold cables in place, right where you need them. It also boasts a grid which is a clean and universal solution to cable management anchoring chargers below the desk surface.

Made in the USA

There is a real tangible sense of quality that shines through on all the products from The Artifox but it is their excellent looking desks which they are most famed for and with good reason. The quality on offer with these USA designed and crafted desks really is second to none and for anyone seeking out a change up in their workspace, you’ll just not find many better options than the Desk 02 anywhere out there.

With plenty of materials to choose from and prices starting under $1k, there’s an awful lot to like about the Desk 02 from The Artifox and it isn’t difficult to see why it’s amongst their most popular pieces. Versatile, functional and conducive to creativity, this is definitely right up our street here at The Coolector.

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