The EST Gear Shovel™

Adventure is in the blood for many but, in order to really make the most of your outdoor adventures, you need to make sure you have all the right tools close to hand to tackle any eventualities that you might encounter out in the wild. It’s often not practical to lug multiple tools with you on camping trips which is why the EST Gear Shovel™ is an absolute godsend for the adventure inclined as it is essentially 18 tools in 1.

Billed as the perfect tactical shovel, the EST Gear Shovel™ is the sort of survival gear that you need to have close to hand for all your outdoor adventures this summer and fall. Built to last and truly as versatile as they come, this survival shovel is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and for any man on the hunt for the right survival tools for their wilderness excursions, look no further. Priced at a thoroughly reasonable $119.99, the EST Gear Shovel™ is made to outperform and it is perfect for every outdoor adventure under the sun.

The Ultimate Survival Tool

Finding the right kit for camping and outdoor adventures is a must and the EST Gear Shovel™ really is one of the best in the business. It is an obscenely versatile bit of kit which manages to cram 18 separate tools into its relatively diminutive frame and it has a hardened-steel, reinforced shovel head that will make short work of any terrains. It has an equally as robust, military grade aluminium handle which has been designed with ergonomics in mind and provides a comfortable grip for prolonged use.

The EST Gear Shovel™ ($119.99) is a first class entrenching tool and each one comes with a convenient packable ripstop nylon pouch for easy storage and effortless portability. This folding shovel is lightweight in design and easy to disassemble, so you can keep it anywhere, from your car to your bug-out bag.

This military style shovel will leave you in no doubt that it has got your back in all manner of outdoor scenarios and can tackle a vast array of tasks out in the wild. A durable, hard-wearing tool that will come in handy in an untold number of circumstances, if you want to ramp up your outdoorsmen vibe this summer, you need to be adding this folding shovel to your line up of tools – you won’t be disappointed.

In Good Hands

At EST Gear, they are firm believers that a great adventure starts with great tools and, truth be told, tools just don’t come any better than the EST Gear Shovel™ ($119.99). With a strong community of other outdoor enthusiasts behind them, they’ve set out to make fun, innovative, and useful tools that are built to last and you’ll witness this first hand by adding this ridiculously versatile offering to your line up of survival gear.

The EST Gear Shovel™ represents extraordinary value for money at just $119.99 and for those who know the importance of having high quality equipment in the great outdoors, it is a mighty shrewd investment. We’re loving the unparalleled versatility of this tactical shovel here at The Coolector and we’ll definitely be adding one to our line up of adventure ready gear this summer.

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