Lexon Hammer Alarm Clock

For many of us, our phone is our alarm clock. Lethargically swiping or tapping the screen to turn it off isn’t just dull, it does little to wake you up energized and enthusiastic about the day. You’ll likely have a hard time washing the sleep from your eyes in the shower.

Lexon’s Hammer Alarm Clock is here to save the day. Its unique design facilitates getting up in the morning with action. That action? Swinging the clock like a hammer. This is a neat design feature and one that would certainly be appreciated on those mornings when you don’t feel like fumbling around in search for the off switch on your alarm clock.

Knock the Sleep From Your Eyes

Lexon’s Hammer Alarm Clock design started with a simple question, “Is it possible to start the day with energy?” The grogginess that many of us feel in the morning needs to be shaken off or knocked off. Lexon’s novel idea of having a hammer-shaped alarm clock makes it easy to wake up with a bang. With its alarm clock, you hit the device on your bedside table to turn it off.

Modern technology has eliminated a lot of the devices in our lives. Now instead of having a phone, calculator, camera, or electronic organizer, everything is on our phone. Generally, this is great, but one device doing everything isn’t as satisfying as a single device that was purposefully designed and built to do one thing. That’s what makes the Lexon Hammer Alarm Clock special.

As you might imagine, this is a device where form follows function. It’s a simple clock with a simple purpose. Its shape reflects that. It looks like a hammer. It also looks like an alarm clock. There’s a square section that displays the time, a simple handle to grasp and a rubber base so that the clock won’t damage any surface or get damaged itself when you hammer away.

Simple Idea, Simple Design

On the rear of the clock are three buttons for setting the time and the alarm, and a small area for batteries. Around to the front, you’ll see a sleek digital display that’ focuses on simplicity and clarity with the hours listed over the minutes. Aside from the aspects of the clock mentioned above, there isn’t much to the device.

Its simplistic and modern design is an exercise in purpose-built minimalism. It’s a refreshing take on a singular aspect of life in a world that’s obsessed with fractionalization and multitasking. There’s something very satisfying about being able to focus on one thing. In this case, waking up. Why would you want to start your day any other way?

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