The James Brand × TIMEX Expedition North Titanium Automatic Watch

The James Brand are one of our favourite EDC pedlars here at The Coolector and though they are most synonymous with pocket knives, they often enter into collaborations with other brands and the end results are typically excellent. So it has proven once again with this The James Brand × TIMEX Expedition North Titanium Automatic Watch that is an adventure ready accessory in the extreme and boasts the sort of understated, old school cool aesthetic we love with our watches here at Coolector HQ.

The James Brand × TIMEX Expedition North Titanium Automatic Watch has a price tag of $349 and it is selling out rapidly so you’ll definitely have to move quickly if you like what you see with this one. The James Brand know that the watch you wear is important, both functionally and emotionally: it’s a reflection of who you are and what you value. Due to this fact, they decided to team up with their friends at Timex to bring you their first watch collaboration; one that embodies their shared values of quality design, premium materials and unparalleled performance.


If The James Brand were going to put the name on a watch, that timepiece needed to live up to their incredibly high standards. As such, they pushed the team at Timex to their limits (and beyond at times) to make this product the pinnacle of their Expedition North collection and the quality is tangible from the minute you out it on. For starters, the 6AL4V titanium case is the first time that Timex has used Ti in almost twenty years. The James Brand also wanted some extreme water resistance, and pushed hard for 200m – making this one watch that is built for a life in the great outdoors.

The James Brand × TIMEX Expedition North Titanium Automatic Watch ($349) boasts an automatic movement, LumiNova markers, a screw-down crown, and a NATO band meaning that this classy looking watch has all of the good stuff that The James Brand knew our customers would demand from this collaboration with Timex. Their design team worked hand-in-hand with the team at Timex to make sure that all of the details came off flawlessly and we’re loving its no-nonsense look and feel here at The Coolector.

The heart of “everyday carry” is typically considered to be knife, watch and pen. While The James Brand will always remain focused on the the tools that you keep in your pockets, they have often wanted to connect those objects to the wrist; to really work on a coordinated daily-carry trifecta. It is important that these products that people wear and carry day in and day out be considered as parts of a system from a design, materials and brand-values standpoint and they’ve really hit a home run off the bat with this ace Timex collab. Move quick if you want to add this to your own EDC lineup.

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