The Only Thing I like About Working From Home Is These Pants

Setting into my new routine of Zoom calls, endless boredom and frozen pizza there isn’t much I’ve enjoyed about working from home with one notable exception – Birddogs pants with built-in underwear. They are super comfortable pants that look like legit professional chinos.

What’s the deal with built-in underwear?

I’ve logged over 60 hours this week on a dining room chair working from home. My backside should be aching and my inner thighs sticky.  But thanks to Birddogs pants, my entire legs feel like they’re getting a gentle spandex hug and my mid-section remains as cool and dry as when I sat down in the morning. I attribute this mind bending comfort to the pants’ built-in underwear.

Built-in underwear is exactly what it sounds like – underwear sewn inside your pants.  It’s super simple…and very comfortable. Everything stays perfectly in place, no wedging, no nudging, no nothing.  Wearing pants feels better because of it.

Where did Birddogs come from?

I first heard about Birddogs gym shorts with built-in underwear from a couple of friends who raved about them, but I wasn’t aware that they also made stretch chino pants.

I got pushed over the edge to buy after logging an embarrassing amount of time on Facebook over the past couple of weeks. I became very aware after getting bombarded with their ads. Some made me laugh, like this couple shopping at a farmers market, but nothing prepared me for the level of quality of their product.

The pants fabric itself not only feels incredible but looks like legit professional chinos.  Not that looking professional matters anymore, but it’s good to know.

When things get back to normal, I’m deleting Zoom from my computer, never eating frozen pizza again, but Birddogs pants with built-in underwear are here to stay back at work.

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