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If, like us here at The Coolector, you have a pretty insatiable craft beer thirst, chances are the fact the pubs have been closed for so long now won’t have gone unnoticed. Well, you can rejoice with this new device that all lovers are going to appreciate that goes by the name of The Pinter. This small but perfectly formed accessory makes 10 pints of high-quality Fresh Beer. Welcome to a world of Fresh Brewing™.

Boasting world-first, precision-engineered technology, The Pinter allows anyone to make 10 pints of unprecedented quality Fresh Beer at home. Seamless process, intuitive and consistently perfect, what’s not to like. Available for the introductory price of just £75 (which includes 2 Pinter Packs, totalling 20 pints), this is an essential purchase for any craft beer lover as we head into spring and summer i.e. backyard BBQ season.

Effortlessly Simple Process

It couldn’t be more simple to make delicious craft beer with this superb beer lover’s bit of kit. Just take the Pinter, add the hand crafted Fresh Press Packs which can be purchased separately and make 10 pints apiece, fill with water and brew. Simple as. Fridge for conditioning and in just a few days since your ingredients arrived through the letterbox, you’ll be able to enjoy unparalleled quality, affordable Fresh Beer which respects the centuries of brewing craft fused with pioneering innovation. The future is fresh.

If you’ve got a love of craft beer and have always wanted to have a go at making your own, The Pinter (from £75) is the perfect place to start in our opinion here at The Coolector. Beer in bottles and cans is very often packaged months before being sold. Much of the flavour degrades over time, so that beer from the shelf did not start life tasting that way. But with The Pinter, you’ll be drinking beer as it was meant to be – namely, fresh. Years of development and countless meticulous brewing sessions has meant the next chapter in the history of brewing is now a reality courtesy of The Pinter.

The magic behind The Pinter comes from its Fresh Press technology. This is essentially a hand-selected combination of quality ingredients – water, malt and hops or fruit. This mix captures the ingredients at optimum quality making for consistent Fresh Brewing™. Using Fresh Presses, The Pinter makes a wide array of high quality beers and ciders including IPAs, lagers and fruit ciders.

Innovative Tech

The biggest, and perhaps most crucial innovation with The Pinter is the patent-pending Pinter™ tech that lets you speed up the conditioning time. Any yeast and residue settles into the Brewing Dock through the fermentation process which is then detached (at pressure) leaving you with a Pinter™ of pressurised bright beer that looks great and tastes even better.

Exceptional value for money, The Pinter has no Duty which means the savings are passed directly to you. Secondly, with The Pinter you’re consolidating the traditional brewing process – your Fresh Beer is fermenting at home, so a streamlined overall process. You buy Fresh Pack Pints which create 10 pints at 30% of the cost of craft beer, whilst maintaining the high quality you’ll demand. Win, win.

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