Thomas Clipper Grooming Goods

Men’s grooming goods are something that every man will keep an eye out for until they find the perfect brand for them, that perfectly aligns with their grooming needs and style tastes. Well, we might just have found our ideal grooming ally here at Coolector HQ in the shape of Thomas Clipper, a UK based purveyor of premium colognes, handmade shaving kits and exemplary leather wash bags.

Thomas Clipper herald from the British countryside and this is something that positively shines through in the elegance and sophistication of all their wonderful grooming wares. If you’re after dapper grooming supplies made in the right way and boasting impeccable performance, you’ll find plenty of what you’re looking for from Thomas Clipper.

Take a look at a few of our favourite pieces from this first rate men’s grooming brand below:

Mark K Razor (£109)

Every man should own a high end razor if only to showcase the difference in quality a shave it provides and they don’t come much classier than the superb looking Mark K Razor from Thomas Clipper. This fantastically well crafted shaving accessory is all about precision and it expertly combines perfect balance, a unique, innovative design and total shaving control. Each one has been designed in London and it boasts a solid steel handle which has been created an labour intensive, three stage machining process. The end result of this is worth the wait, however, as it produces a neck which is small enough to provide a level of precision not found in other razors on the market and when combined with a weighty feel in the hand that allows for a controlled and satisfying shave, it’s tough to beat. (£109)

Razor Guard (£49)

When you’ve got a razor of the calibre of Thomas Clipper’s Mark K, you’re going to want to ensure it stays well protected as it will form the cornerstone of your grooming routine. That’s why one of these devilishly dapper Razor Guards from Thomas Clipper is a must and their quality is tangible courtesy of the custom vegetable-tanned Italian leather used in their hand-crafted in Tuscany finish. They are made from off-cuts of their wash bags to reduce waste and ensure a more eco-friendly product for the consumer – something that’s certainly worthy of praise in our opinion here at The Coolector. (£49)

Neolithic Shaving Bowl, Soap and Brush (£249)

The routine of shaving is one that you should take your time over and enjoy and this is especially the case if you’re using products of the calibre of this Neolithic Shaving Bowl, Soap and Brush Set from Thomas Clipper. Within this fantastic set of grooming goods you’ll find a handmade lathering bowl, natural soap and a hand crafted shaving brush. Each set is made in England, with natural luxury, for the ideal shaving performance each and every time. The stand out feature of this set is the stunning lathering bowl and brush which have been made with 5,000 year old ancient British timber, and turned into a luxury shaving bowl and cruelty-free shaving brush from Richard in England. The ultimate in shaving line ups. (£249)

Handmade Tuscan Leather Washbag (£199)

It’s safe to say you’ll be carrying your grooming goods around in style with one of these brilliant, handmade Tuscan Leather Washbags from Thomas Clipper. Each one is hand made from the ground up using fine Tuscan leather, by skilled artisans in Florence. Designed with travel in mind, this eye-catching wash bag will be your adventure ally and has been designed to age beautifully so the more you use, the more attractive it will become. Only a handful of leather goods today are made with the same care and attention to detail as these wash bags and this is something which becomes immediately apparent with the tangible sense of quality the minute you lay your hands on it. (£199)

Men’s Premium Cologne United Travel Set (£49)

Once you’ve finished your grooming routine, you’re going to want to finish things off with a great smelling cologne. For those with a spirit for adventure and regular travellers, this men’s premium cologne Unite Travel Set from Thomas Clipper would be our pick here at Coolector HQ. They are made in small batches in the United Kingdom and designed to be blended together to create a bespoke fragrance for every man. Developed in France, and made in England from 100% organic alcohol and blended by you, you’ll love the unique smells that you’re able to create with these fantastic colognes from Thomas Clipper. (£49)

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