For anyone who’s a regular in the kitchen, you’ll know things can get messy when you’re cooking from scratch so anything that can streamline the process is alright in our book here at The Coolector. Enter TidyBoard which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak and it is designed to help save space in your kitchen and cut down on the amount of mess when you’re cooking recipes from scratch.

The TidyBoard on Kickstarter is available for the bargain price of just $79 during the crowdfunding campaign, which is down from the expected retail price of $99 so move quickly in order to bag yourself a bargain. This bamboo cutting board is cleverly designed to clean quickly, prep and store your food effortlessly and streamline the whole food preparation process.

Cutting Down on Prep Time

TidyBoard brilliantly streamlines your food preparation processes by placing strainers, catches and containers on the end of the cutting board which come in mighty handy for staying on top of keeping your workspace tidy and organised. Easily chop fruits or vegetables without mixing scraps and strain hands-free and effortlessly clean up with a swipe of your hand – it’s not hard to see why TidyBoard has thoroughly flown past its funding target over on Kickstarter.

The hanging design and collapsible containers of TidyBoard on Kickstarter ($79) will help to maximise your countertop space and make food prep fast and fun. Ideally suited for smaller kitchens, TidyBoard helps to utilise previously unused space in your kitchen and the hanging design and collapsible containers maximise countertop space. The cutting board acts as a lever to help hold the weight of the catch and the TidyBoard’s bamboo material is antibacterial and maintains durability for years on end.

TidyBoard is lightweight and made from the finest eco-friendly materials so you can feel good about using it in your own kitchen. The large catch and containers have volumetric and measuring marks. Put food waste or chopped up food directly into containers for quick cutting and reducing preparation time. The containers are also collapsible for efficient storage.

Cleverly Engineered

The TidyBoard was mindfully influenced by math and physics and this innovative chopping board is cleverly engineered as a lever to stay steady even with a heavy load in the containers. It can hold up to 9lbs of food in its container while hanging off your counter and helps keep you organised and your kitchen clean. Never worry about where to put scraps or discarded produce — keep your space clean and orderly with TidyBoard.

Available for a bargain price of just $79 during the Kickstarter campaign, it’s easy to see why it already has well over $300k in funding already because it delivers a highly versatile, functional performance for all your kitchen and cooking requirements. Head on over to Kickstarter now to pick yours up for a great price.

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