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It’s happened to all of us at one time or another – that impending sense of dread when you realise you’ve misplaced your wallet, keys or other essential, and valuable, piece of EDC but with the Tile Pro Series of Bluetooth tracking devices, this fear will be short lived and you’ll be reunited with your errant wares in no time at all.

The Tile Pro Series is the latest offering from the established Bluetooth tracking company and this newest bit of kit is designed to fit in with your lifestyle and help you stand out from the crowd whilst its doing it. There are plenty of new features with the Tile Pro Series that will help differentiate it from its predecessors and if you’re after an affordable and versatile tracking solution for your EDC and bits of tech that you carry around on a daily basis, this would get our vote.

Find Your Things Fast

Time is invariably of the essence when you’ve misplaced your possessions and you have hopes of being reunited with them and the Tile Pro Series is geared towards ensuring that any lost goods are found in no time through a series of innovative design features. If you always want to know the whereabouts of one of you key possessions, you just need to attach Tile to it and to locate it just open the app. Ring it if it’s nearby. Check the map for its last known location. Or ask the Tile community to help you find it.

The Tile Pro Series Bluetooth Tracker has been carefully engineered to run for at least a year without any need for upkeep which means no replacing batteries, no charging so if you lose your item with a tile attached, you don’t need to worry about the tracking conking out after a day or two. One of the best features of Tile, or at least in our opinion here at The Coolector, is its ability to help you find your smartphone, even when it’s on silent. Just double tap your Tile and it will ring audibly, even if you have left it in silent mode so you’ll find it in no time.

Incredibly small and lightweight, the Tile Pro Series isn’t going to be a cumbersome addition to your pocket and will, in fact, be a highly valuable one if and when it helps you relocate your lost possessions. Available in two different colourways – namely, dark slate / graphite and white / champagne – you’ll be able to choose the device that best fits in with the aesthetic of your everyday carry and, more importantly, it feature twice the Bluetooth range (up to 200 feet) and double the loudness (from 88 decibels) of its predecessor.

Top Tech

With a proximity sensor redesigned from the ground up and which is capable of providing much better accuracy, and a casing that’s waterproof in up to 5 feet of water for up 30 minutes, you can subject your Tile Pro Series to a lot and it will still lead you right to your missing device or possessions.

For those of you with the sort of disposition prone to regularly losing possessions, the Tile Pro Series will be somewhat of a blessing and will help safeguard you from any further EDC or tech going missing. Affordable, effective and well-designed, this cracking bit of kit should be attached to any and every piece of every day carry that you hold dear.

Price: £30+

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