Timex x Nigel Cabourn Referee Watch

We’re pretty huge football (soccer) fans here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we’ve not really seen many timepieces that do the beautiful game justice in the past but that’s just changed now we’ve come across this awesome looking Timex X Nigel Cabourn Referee Watch that has a devilishly dapper aesthetic that is right up our street. If you look understated and effortlessly cool timepieces, this is one collaboration you’re going to want to sit up and take notice of.

The Timex x Nigel Cabourn Referre Watch is a supremely stylish timepiece that immediately draws the eye and will add an effortless sense of cool to the wrist. Nigel Cabourn takes a look back to his 1950s boyhood and love of football for this, his second, much anticipated collaboration with Timex. Timex have been a global leader in the world of watchmaking for some 165 years and during this golden era of football, famous players of the era were all heroes of the young Nigel growing up in Scunthorpe, England. This watch is a celebration of his passion for the beautiful game.

Old School Cool

There is a distinctive vintage vibe to the look and feel of this superb looking timepiece and the Timex x Nigel Cabourn Referee Watch is a knowing nod to those who inspired him. Cabourn takes reference from referee watches used at the time to create this new 1950s style referee stopwatch that has a highly striking visual impact on the wrist. The stand out design feature is the ¾ red colour blocking of the watch dial to signify 45 minutes: half of a match playing time.

Priced at a mighty reasonable £139, the Timex x Nigel Cabourn Referre Watch has an awful lot of benefits and if you’re after a watch that properly celebrates the beautiful game but not in the ostentatious way you normally see with football inspired watches, this is definitely the one for you. As with the previous Timex collaboration piece with Nigel Cabourn, this watch comes with two interchangeable straps: a slip-thru style strap featuring the recognisable football colours of ‘claret and blue’ and the other a classic black leather.

The Timex X Nigel Cabourn Referee Watch is presented in a branded vintage style cotton drill case to give it that added sense of authenticity and vintage cool. It is not your average looking timepiece and it will really add a sense of style to your line up of timepieces and such is the affordability of this accessory, it doesn’t break the bank either which makes it the ideal choice for any footy-mad man looking for a new timepiece this summer.

Packed Full of Features

Considering the £139 price tag of the Timex X Nigel Cabourn Referee Watch, it’s hard to believe quite how many impressive features this exemplary timepiece has to offer. It boasts domed acrylic crystal glass casing, a cream dial with custom artwork red blocking of 45 min referees’ stopwatch, a custom fluted crown, an etched, branded caseback and a water resistance of some 50m to boot.

Released a couple of days ago, the Timex X Nigel Cabourn Referee Watch is already proving to be a mighty popular collaboration between these two highly respected brands and it certainly isn’t difficult to see why. Pleasing affordable with an awesome aesthetic that any football aficionado is going to appreciate, we’ll unquestionably be looking to get our hands on one of these majestic looking watches here at Coolector HQ.

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