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When it comes to materials, there are few more awesome or diverse than that of wood and there aren’t many out there harnessing wood’s awesomeness better than the talented wood-working team over at Tinkering Monkey. This Oakland, California, based studio have only just found their way onto The Coolector radar but it is fair to say that we’ve been left mightily impressed with their top notch selection of wood crafted goods and branding capabilities.

Tinkering Monkey are a team of three designers – Mike Cheung, Paula Chang and Eunice Hernandez – who originally started out as a blog that was created to document their love of making things but it soon became abundantly clear that people reciprocated and loved the things they were making and, with that, Tinkering Monkey became a design studio that crafted a whole raft of brilliant wooden goods and various other design services.

If you’re a fan of fantastically crafted wooden products such as phone cases, tablet covers and a multitude of other goods then Tinkering Monkey should be one of your first ports of call. You can check out a few of our favourite goods of theirs below:





We love all the stuff we found on the Tinkering Monkey site and it’s hard not to be won over by the trio’s genuine love of design and woodworking. For anyone in the market for some top class wood made goods, you’ll definitely be barking up the right tree with the fantastic range of wares to be found at Tinkering Monkey.

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