tokyobike x Calico Wallpaper Bicycle

When it comes to classy steeds on two wheels, few do it better than tokyobike and when they choose to collaborate with other like minded designers, the end results are typically off the charts and so it has proven once again with the superb looking tokyobike x Calico Wallpaper Bicycle which is both aesthetically superior and wonderfully well crafted.

The spectacular tokyobike x Calico Wallpaper Bicycle has got all the makings of a classic and we’re loving the bold visuals coupled with tokyobike’s customary first rate craftsmanship here at Coolector HQ. This spiffing steed is a collaboration with Nick and Rachel Cope, the husband & wife co-founders of Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper and they’ve done a first rate job of bringing their award-winning design approach to this awesome looking contraption.

Ride in Style

Quality is the call of the day whenever you think of the bicycles from tokyobike and this is very much in evidence once again with the collaboration with Calico Wallpaper. This super cool looking ride boasts a unique ombre finish which really does reflect the endless variation in the process of transitioning between dawn and dusk. It also, and we’re sure this wasn’t intentional, has a distinct Simpson’s-esque vibe to it.

The sophisticated, refined components chosen for the tokyobike x Calico Wallpaper Bicycle are heavily influenced by the French porteur bikes of the 1930’s – and these bicycles were known for their exceptional comfort levels and the fact that they were utilitarian and intended to be ridden around all day. This stylish steed does have that traditional, retro style aesthetic that is sure to appeal to those who favour design orientated bicycles today.

With an abundance of impressive features, this fantastic collaboration between two superb brands really does stand out from the competition and just a few of the most eye-catching features include Single Speed (with flip-flop hub) gears, Silver rims and gumwall tires, Brooks B17 saddle in brown leather and Slender Tektro Brake Levers to name but a few.

Perfect All Rounder

Lightweight in nature and weighing in at just under 10KG, the tokyobike x Calico Wallpaper Bicycle is a great choice for those looking for an everyday urban bike that sees them travel in style. So striking is the aesthetic of this amazing looking contraption that its almost a work of art as well as a mode of transportation and we’ve seldom seen a bike we’d rather get our hands on than this one here at The Coolector.

If you find yourself in need of a new bike and want something that is a little out of the ordinary from an aesthetic point of view, the tokyobike x Calico Wallpaper offering certainly gets our vote here at The Coolector. Superbly crafted with the finest materials and components, this eye-catching machine really is one of the coolest looking bikes you’re going to encounter in 2017 and beyond.

Price: $2500

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