The Worst Case Survival Kit

If you’ve got some adventures planned out in the wild this summer, it always pays to be prepared and there are probably few things more worthy of a spot in your rucksack (except craft beer) than this awesome looking Worst Case Survival Kit, which its creators say is the ideal solution for whenever you find yourself stuck up “shit creek” and who are we to argue with that.

The Worst Case Survival Kit is a personal survival kit for those who like to live the adventurous lifestyle and when said lifestyle invariably sees them wind up in a predicament or two that might require some remedying. This cracking little bit of kit is filled with the sorts of things that will come in infinitely handy should you encounter a sticky situation and each of the potentially  lifesaving items within have been thoroughly researched and picked based on their quality, functionality, and lightweight portability.

In Case of Emergency

Whilst we’re unlikely to find ourselves in too many wilderness based predicaments given our urban locale here at Coolector HQ, you can never be too prepared and you never know when one of these great looking and carefully curated Worst Case Survival Kits might just come in handy. Each one is housed in a waterproof case, and consists of a small but perfectly formed selection of wilderness essentials and off-grid goodies which have been picked for their ability to keep you warm, dry, safe and happy while you get yourself back down that creek, mountain trail or woodland trek.

The Worst Case Survival Kit really is an essential purchase for any man who regularly finds themselves pitting wits with mother nature because that is a battle that you won’t always win and having the requisite solutions when you find yourself on the losing side is essential. This cracking kit is TSA safe and you should have one in your car, backpack or anywhere that you can reach one when you’re on a road trip or outdoor adventure of any sort.

Though it isn’t going to save you from a bear attack or alien abduction, the Worst Case Survival Kit has a great selection of curated goods that will certainly come in handy when the chips are down. These include the likes of water purification system, minor first aid supplies, damn fine fishing kit, a compass, micro saw, Rite-In-The-Rain paper & pencil, can opener, needle, tweezers, 550 paracord, glue stick for repairs, 100MPH tape, safety pins, flashlight and a signal mirror to name but a few.

Perfect Portability

There would be little point in having a survival kit if it was too large to carry around on your persona and that’s why this Worst Case Survival Kit is housed in a Pelican 1010 case – which is roughly the size of a walkman so it will fit snugly in your backpack, ready and awaiting to help alleviate any misfortune that may befall you out in the wild.

For those who love to adventure and who are heading out on the lakes, rivers, hiking trails and wilderness wanders over the next couple of months, you’ll definitely be doing yourself a favour by having one of these excellent little survival kits in tow for the journey.

Price: $85

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