Top 5 Desks for a Creative Workspace

Remaining creative within a cluttered workspace is no mean feat so it is always a good idea to try and keep your area as clear from mess as possible and this is always going to be more likely if you’ve got a desk that you love and which is conducive to creativity. With that in mind, we take a look at our top 5 desks for a creative workspace below:

1. Artifox Desk


So far as visually superior workspaces are concerned, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better offering than those from Artifox and whether you want a sitting or standing desk, these American artisans have got you covered with their fantastic selection of wonderfully crafted desks (and other cool furniture bits and pieces).

Price: From $1799

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2. Woolsey Forever Desk


If you’re after a desk that is built to last (who isn’t?) then chances are this amazing construct that goes by the name of the Forever Desk from Woolsey will be right up your street. Glorious to look at and wonderfully functional, the Woolsey Forever Desk will be the ideal solution for getting those creative juices flowing every day.

Price: $2650

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3. JM & Sons Fox Desk

fox desk

Boasting an unparalleled rustic charm with its design, the Fox Desk from JM & Sons is a real favourite of ours here at Coolector HQ. Handcrafted from a combination of metal and traditional barn wood, this magnificent looking, understated workspace will be perfect for those creative types looking for the ultimate in minimalist design.

Price: $825

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4. Wynd Writing Desk


If you’ve got writers block and looking for an uncluttered, simplistic workspace to help promote your creativity again, the Wynd Writing Desk should do the trick. This cracking piece of design is crafted from European beech, felt and aluminium for a cool, sleek aesthetic that is ideally suited to today’s minimalist homes.

Price: N/A

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5. iSkelter LIFT Desk


One for the health conscious workers amongst you, the iSkelter Lift Desk has interchangeable heights to encourage you to stand intermittently throughout the day to improve posture and general sense of well-being. Stylish, ergonomically designed and extremely portable, this Lift Desk from iSkelter is perfectly suited to those who like the opportunity to work with much more flexibility.

Price: $400

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