Topo Designs x All-City Cycles Bike Bag

When cycling, most of us will only be looking to carry our essentials such as keys, phones and wallets and it’s always mighty inconvenient to have these in one’s pocket whilst on the bike as not only is it uncomfortable, you run the risk of them falling out as well. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why products such as this Topo Designs x All-City Cycles Bike Bag prove extremely popular amongst the cycling fraternity for keeping their EDC safe and protected when getting from A to B.

The Topo Designs x All-City Cycles Bike Bag is a new offering from one of our favourite outdoor lifestyle brands here at Coolector HQ and if you’ve been looking out for the perfect means of porting your everyday carry about when on two wheels, this might just be it. This first class accessory from Topo Designs is a steal at just $49 and will make sure that you don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of your day to day essentials whilst urban commuting or adventuring out into the wild.

Built By Cyclists, For Cyclists

It is immediately apparent that the team behind the creation of the Topo Designs x All-City Cycles Bike Bag are cyclists themselves as it has been carefully designed to be as functional and robust as possible and perfectly suited to any outdoor adventure that you take it on this summer and autumn. This first rate accessory is a collaborative effort between Topo and All-City Cycles and it is a custom colored Bike Bag which has been designed to complement the latest addition to their bicycle lineup, the Gorilla Monsoon.

The Topo Designs x All-City Cycles Bike Bag has been handmade in Colorado and it is a mighty functional accessory which has been designed as the perfect ally to All-City Cycles feature packed new bike. Perfectly suited to stowing everything from tools, tubes, wallet or an extra layer, this excellent little bag is an essential addition to any regular cyclist’s line up of on-board accessories.

It is weatherproof from top to bottom courtesy of its waterproof zipper, a truck tarp inner liner and a medium-structured body, that will ensure that this bag will keep up with you on any ride, whether it be long or short. Durable in the extreme and was a surprising amount of storage space, it’s not difficult to see why this top notch product from Topo Designs is on back-order as adventure loving cyclists are snapping it up in their droves.

Adventure Ready Accessory

All of Topo Designs products are typically designed and crafted with adventure and the great outdoors in mind and the Topo Designs x All-City Cycles Bike Bag is no exception. Vibrant aesthetically speaking and overflowing with functional design features, this brilliant accessory has a decidedly spacious main compartment along with daisy chain webbing and a hook and loop VELCRO® attachment system for your ease of use.

If you’ve got cycling adventures aplenty planned over the next few months and want a safe home for all your essentials like keys, wallets and phones then this Topo Designs x All-City Cycles Bike Bag is a must in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. It has a great, bold aesthetic and offers a versatile performance, ideal for any cycling or commuting endeavours you’ve got planned on your bike. And best of all, it costs just $49.

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