Trayvax Axis Wallets

As rather big wallet aficionados here at The Coolector, we’ve certainly got our favourite brands – we’re talking your Machine Era Co, Bellroy and Hard Graft – but you can certainly add Trayvax to that list, especially with their latest release, the Axis collection of wallets.

Trayvax are an American purveyor of wallets and accessories that have been on our radar for some time at The Coolector and their Axis Wallets are not only supremely functional, they boast a mighty impressive visual appeal to boot. This great looking collection of wallets is available in 6 new Cerakote finishes – most commonly seen as firearm coating – so you know resilience and durability isn’t going to be an issue with this classy looking pieces of EDC.

With a stainless steel frame for increased corrosion resistance, these Trayvax Axis Wallets have left us impressed here at The Coolector and you can take a look at a few more shots below:





Made in the USA to exacting standards, it’s little surprise that Trayvax have made a name for themselves in EDC circles and if you’re in the market for a ridiculously robust, versatile and stylish wallet then it’s fair to say that the Axis collection from Trayvax will be right up your street.

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