Octospot Underwater Camera

Whilst we don’t head out into the deep blue sea as much as perhaps we should here at Coolector HQ, there’s little doubting that there is an extraordinary world teeming away beneath the waves and if you want to make sure that you capture it in style, one of these great looking Octospot Underwater Cameras may very well be in order.

The Octospot Underwater Camera is, as the name would suggest, an action camera which has been specifically crafted for diving and which will help you capture some exceptional imagery from beneath the waves. This fantastic bit of kit is waterproof to 200m, shoots 4k video and 12mb still shots, two hour battery life and a resilient, durable casing which will withstand any underwater buffering you might encounter.

If you’re a frequent diver and have been looking for the right technology to capture your dives then the Octospot surely has to be a leading contender and it will soon be launching over on Kickstarter. Check out a few more shots below:








Allowing you to capture footage from unprecedented depths, the Octospot Camera really is an impressive bit of kit and if you’re in the market for a device that not only has first rate technical specs but also is as robust and durable as they come, it is one that absolutely won’t let you down and we’re in no doubt that when it hits Kickstarter there will be plenty in the diving fraternity looking to get their hands on one.

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