TRNDlabs Ultimate iPhone Photo Kit

The process of taking photos has become so much easier in the dawn of the smartphone and whilst the quality of camera on the iPhone 6 is impeccable to say the least, there is always scope for improvement and that’s why amateur phone snappers will rejoice at the fact that there are products like the TRNDlabs Ultimate iPhone Photo Kit out there as it will take your photography skills to a whole new level.

The TRNDlabs Ultimate iPhone Photo Kit is an essential purchase for anyone who is serious about capturing unforgettable images with their iPhone because it offers all the latest and greatest accessories that are vital to taking those genuinely striking photos. Within this awesome photography accessory set you’ll find six fantastic pieces of kit that will really ramp up your picture taking game and make your Instagram feed all the more impressive in the process.

Within the TRNDlabs Photo Kit, you’ll find 6 different types of lenses from a multitude of photography styles, an awesome sleeve for safe storage and portability and a tripod that will give you that extra level of stability when you’re taking those more epic photos. Just some of the lenses to be found within this top notch set include 8X Telephoto, Fisheye and a 60X Microscope – all of which will give rise to some first rate photography. Check out a few more shots of this cracking photography set below:









It’s amazing the quality of photos that can now be captured upon smartphones and the iPhone 6 is certainly one of the pick of the bunch when it comes to the quality of the on-board camera but with this superb TRNDlabs Photography set, you’ll be able to drastically improve the calibre of your pictures as you can see above.

If you’re planning on making the most of the camera on your smartphone and want to take highly precise and up-close photos like those above then this excellent series of photography accessories from TRNDlabs will be your ideal ally and we’ll definitely be getting our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

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