Trobla Wood Amplifier

We’ve got somewhat of a soft spot for cracking pieces of woodwork design here at The Coolector and the rather excellent looking Trobla Wood Amplifier is amongst the best we’ve come across of late.

Described as a wooden amplifier for smartphones that looks and sounds great, the Trobla Wood Amplifier is decidedly portably and extremely well designed in order to offer impeccable functionality and superb performance. Currently being funded over on Kickstarter, the Trobla is crafted from locally sourced Slovenian wood and allows sound to travel through a hollowed chamber and guided through a cone for a genuinely impressive level of amplification.

There are no electronic components to the Trobla Wood Amplifier at all, instead relying on the natural acoustic qualities of the wood that they utilise in the spiffing design to produce an impressive sound quality that you can easily transport around with you. Suitable for use with the vast majority of smartphones on the market, if you’re an aficionado of gloriously designed and crafted wooden goods, the Trobla Amplifier falls into this category and you can check out a few more shots below:





Initially available in walnut and maple incarnations, the Trobla Wood Amplifier is understated in design, perhaps, but big in performance and when you couple this with the environmentally concious craftsmanship of the product, there is certainly much to admire. If you’re in the market for a functional and stylish means of playing your music whilst out and about, then you’ll be glad to hear that there is still plenty of time to throw your support behind the Trobla over on Kickstarter.

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