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The beauty of Kickstarter is it throws up little gems that would otherwise go unnoticed. The Rule/One is never going to change the way the world turns, but it’s handy, and the importance of a useful product should never been underestimated.  A hybrid in every sense, we’re throwing shapes in the form of a ruler, bookmark, pen, and touchscreen pen, that’s four in one. Admittedly it’s somewhat geeky, but the trend is geek-chic, so indulge in your inner geek and allow the Rule/One to take charge.

Designed by designers, primarily for designers, it’s easy to see how the importance of practicality is lost in every day life. Ok that last sentence was a little scatty, but what we’re getting at is the Rule/One can be integrated into everyday processes, as one of its standout features is its ability to be used for multi-purpose situations.

rule one hmm rule one uses

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The HMM fellows promise affirmation on the basis that the product is crafted using milled aluminium so it will boast a lightweight yet sturdy feel and the product will be manufactured in Taiwan, and as mentioned by our friends at HMM, Taiwan is the utopian dynasty for all Apple made computers.

If you’re a designer this little number will greatly enhance the efficiency of your workflow. On the other hand if you’re not a designer but looking for a gift for the design inclined, the Rule/One will tick all of the right boxes.

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