Tropic Travel Shoes

Adventure really is afoot for most people with a love of the great outdoors this summer but you’ll want a form of footwear that delivers not just unparalleled comfort but also has the characteristics to deal with everything that the great outdoors has to throw at it. Well, with this in mind, we’ve been bowled over by these Tropic Travel Shoes here at Coolector HQ and they are currently undergoing funding over on Kickstarter and, given their ridiculous popularity (closing in on £1,000,000) it looks as though we’re not alone in being impressed.

The Tropic Travel Shoes on Kickstarter are billed as the ultimate piece of footwear for exploring everything, from the streets of New York City to the wet and wild wilderness of the Galapagos Islands (and everything in between). They are versatile, quick drying with high tech features and materials and anti-odour capabilities which make them ideally suited for all your outdoor adventures over the coming months.

4-in-1 Performance

Versatile in the extreme, the Tropic Travel Shoes on Kickstarter have a 4-in-1 performance that consists of delivering the advantages of waterproof shoes, the considerable comfort of sport footwear, the technical outsole materials of hiking boots, and, last but not least, the eye-catching aesthetics and style of your go-to daily sneakers. This is the primary reason this innovative footwear is performing so exceptionally on Kickstarter and why we want to get our hands on a pair here at Coolector HQ.

The Tropic Travel Shoes have adventure built into their core and have been purpose designed to be ready and willing to tackle any outdoor terrains (both wet and dry) that you can throw at them this summer. This fantastic footwear can be fully submerged in water and has quick dry functionality that means you can head straight from the beach to the restaurant without having to change your footwear. Extremely lightweight in nature, weighing just 7oz, these aren’t going to weigh you down when packing and they are machine washable for when the adventure trails get on the muddy side.

With some excellent attention to detail in their crafting, such as elastic shoe laces, an elastic counter heel, a removable footbed, a full rubber sole and 3D mesh technology, it makes the fact that you can pick up a pair of Tropic Travel Shoes on Kickstarter for the bargain price of just £52 (which is some 40% off their RRP). Quality construction and excellent materials combine to make this footwear tailor made for adventure and lovers of the great outdoors are snapping them up in their droves.

Decisions, Decisions

There are plenty of different colourways to choose from when picking your Tropic Travel Shoes on Kickstarter including black, khaki, sea blue and light grey, so you’ll be sure to find a pair that matches your own style sensibilities and the other pieces in your wardrobe. The waterproof nature of this footwear is its real stand out feature in our opinion and if you’re wanting to head out on outdoors adventures this summer without having to worry about getting your feet wet, this is the footwear for you.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with the Tropic Travel Shoes, you’ve still got plenty of time to bag a pair for a bargain price over on Kickstarter and given they’re rapidly approaching the £1m mark, it’s safe to say that all the stretch goals and add-ons are going to be forthcoming as well.

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