Tropical Cave House

Tropical climates and luxurious architecture often go hand in hand but seldom is this more true than in Vietnam of late. The number of mesmerising residential properties we’ve featured from the Asian country over the last few months has positively skyrocketed and there definitely seems to be a modern architecture renaissance in the country. The latest piece of design to have captured our imagination is Tropical Cave House from H&P Architects.

Tropical Cave House from H&P Architects has some 160m² of living space and can be found in the centre of BacNinh city. This breathtaking house can accommodate an extended family of four generations and its design is inspired by light and space effects and resembles the “cave” style in a humid subtropical climate to bring about positive and tangible experiences to the homeowner’s senses.

Tropical Living

There is a pleasing, verdant aesthetic to Tropical Cave House in Vietnam and for those who want a serene sense of space when living in the hustle and bustle of a city, it will be tough to beat. This spectacular project makes the most of void spaces and uses it as a catalyst to create the structure of the house with various different layers of walls used for shielding and connecting spaces and enhancing airflow.

Cleverly designed, Tropical Cave House from H&P Architects is randomly connected at different staircase positions throughout the home so as to create and maintain a uniqueness to the layout with interesting views and non-repeatable residential designs. There is a multi-dimensional transition space which is also made from being shared to semi-private to private, alternated by vegetation such as plants and vegetables.

The front facade of Tropical Cave House has two large door systems (each with 10 doors of 6.6m high) and these can be opened and closed by hand effortlessly courtesy of a steering wheel and power-assisted steering. Skylight, door system and vegetation are integrated into the house design to help regulate the microclimate and gives the homeowners a customised view and blurs the boundaries between inside and outside.

One With Surroundings

In the ongoing unplanned urbanisation of Vietnam, urban houses are gradually suffocating, isolating, and cutting themselves off from friendly relationships with the surrounding environment, which makes owners insecure even when they are in their own accommodations.

With Tropical Cave House, the architects have introduced a solution to the problem to help awaken others to it thereby creating a haven for homeowners to again stay in a safe place and take the same breath with the modern house, from the perspective of living harmoniously with the environment. Win, win.

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