Tru Bru

Craft beer is an overt obsession of ours at The Coolector and when we come across those who offer it by the growler load, it is inevitable that we will sit up and take notice. Well, the latest brilliantly brewed concoction to have caught our eye is a superb Australian offering called Tru Bru which boasts some of the most attractive branding we’ve encountered of late and makes us most thirsty indeed.

Tru Bru has a high-tech brewery system that aims to craft brews positively overflowing with flavour and they deliver said deliciousness in growlers of three different size varieties. The fact that Tru Bru may look too good to be true could be down to the fact it is a concept brand that is the brainchild of branding agency, Epic, and is still in its formative stages but the intention very much seems to make it into a brilliant new purveyor of craft ales and ciders. Check out a few shots of what may come below:





Let’s face it, the title of Beerista is something that we all aspire to and we’ve been thoroughly won over by the superb branding of the Tru Bru Craft Ale to the point where we’re going to demand the agency behind its creation release it post haste. As a craft ale and branding lover, this first rate creation is obviously right up our street but if you’re equally as enamoured with all things ale, chances are it will be right up yours too.

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