True-View by The Pratley

3D is a medium that is becoming ever more prevalent with the dawn of movies shot in the medium and home televisions that offer 3D functionality so, it stands to reason, that technology begins to emerge that makes 3D more accessible to the casual photographer i.e. those who use their smartphones to take the majority of their pictures. Well, this time looks set to come to an end with the invention of this incredible looking contraption that goes by the name of True-View by The Pratley.

The brain-child of London based Peter Brennan, the True-View is billed as a device that allows you to take and share your own 3D photos on your smartphone in a way not conceived before. The overall objective of this device is to give any smartphone owner the opportunity to create user-generated 3D content. The above video admirably illustrates how True-View aims to bring 3D photography to the masses and we here at The Coolector are certainly impressed with their drive and excited about the horizons that this device (and accompanying app) may herald. Take a look at a few photos of the True-View below:



The True View device is currently drumming up support on Kickstarter and you can show your support – HERE.

Alternatively, check out the chap’s website at

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