We’re not going to lie, we’ve got a certain aesthetic that we typically gravitate towards when it comes to timepieces and there are few brands that nail this look better than American watchmakers, TSOVET. Probably one of the finest examples of this look in action is their understated but no nonsense SVT-RM40 Watches which are both ridiculously cool and accomplished from a performance perspective. And, perhaps, best of all, they can be yours for the knock-down price of just $250 currently which is the steal of the century. Especially when you consider TSOVET were established in 2008 and have some of the best customer support in the business.

The 40mm SVT-RM40 Watch from TSOVET has all the makings of a classic from this contemporary American watchmaker and if you’re in the market for a striking, adventure ready timepiece this summer, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for with this magnificent accessory. The SVT-RM40 has a Swiss quartz Ronda 505 movement which ensures its an accurate and top performing timepiece and the fact you can get one on your wrist for under $300 is pretty miraculous. If you’re after the perfect graduation or Father’s Day gift, you’ve found it.

America’s Finest

It’s great to see more and more watchmakers making their mark in the world of horology and TSOVET are an American brand obsessed by the details. As a result, they started crafting timepieces that make a lasting impression and boast abundant quality from top to bottom. Born and raised in California, TSOVET have lived in the geographical epicentre that has produced innovative designers and engineers from various creative fields and made sure that their exquisite timepieces stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The supremely stylish TSOVET SVT-RM40 Watches are amongst their most popular and well-made timepieces and the quality is clear the minute you get it on your wrist. These stealthy looking watches from TSOVET deliver simplicity and function with the capacity to plum depths of 100 meters – so adventures in the deep blue sea aren’t out of the question. The finest details are presented on the contrast finished 316-L stainless steel case which is accented by hand finished lug arms and accompanied by an offset screw down crown.

A price tag of just $250 (during their current sale) is a small price to pay for such an aesthetically superior and accomplished watch and it’s easy to see why the SVT-RM40 has rapidly become one of the American watchmaker’s stand out performers. The detailed case attributes accompanied by subtle dial markers and faceted hands make the most of the SVT-RM40’s contemporary approach to the past. It has hand movement with a date which makes for the ideal accessory for the modern day explorer and the Renata Battery 371 means it will be running like clockwork for ages.

Eye-Catching Style

Whilst the design of the SVT-RM40 from TSOVET is fairly understated in nature, it is the sort of watch that it’s hard to take your eyes off and that’s testament to the design talents of the team at TSOVET. This first rate timepiece is available in a number of different colour/dial/strap combinations so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your own particular style persuasions and, given they’re currently available for just $250, you might be tempted to get one of each.

TSOVET have made waves in the world of watchmaking over the last few years and they have achieved this recognition off the back of quality watch releases like the SVT-RM40. TSOVET are always looking to explore innovative engineering methods, to develop and build better premium watches.  They thrive on spending long days and sleepless nights thinking about every last detail in all aspects of our business and this really does shine through in the top notch SVT-RM40 series of watches. TSOVET are all about “enjoying the journey” and their watches are the embodiment of this.

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