Tsunami & Avalanche To The Grave Collection

When it comes to apparel here at Coolector HQ, we ordinarily favour the more independent, small batch producer of wares and there is one American brand in particular that we always keep an eye on for new releases. Tsunami & Avalanche are very much in our wheelhouse with their typography and illustration inspired tees and their latest collection, To The Grave, is more of the awesome same.

Tsunami & Avalanche operate out of Tacoma, WA, and consist of a photographer and an illustrator which, as you can see, gives rise to some truly excellent apparel and their To The Grave is unquestionably our favourite to date from this skilled team of creatives.

Top Notch Typography

Each collection from Tsunami & Avalanche is made with considerable care and utilising the best materials to ensure a good fit and great comfort. Within the To The Grave Collection, you’ll discover an excellent range of tees, sweaters and more and if you’re looking to ramp up your autumn style with some great new apparel, you’ll find plenty to work with here.



Tsunami & Avalanche have their own distinct aesthetic with their designs and if you like your apparel to stand out from the crowd, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the To The Grave Collection. Edgy, stylish and supremely well made, there’s not a piece within this superb range that we don’t want hanging from our own wardrobe here at Coolector HQ.

The creativity that springs forth from the photographic and illustrative backgrounds of the brands creators is certainly evident in this selection of apparel and it really does have something to suit all tastes and it is the perfect fodder for the autumn months. They typography in particular sets Tsunami & Avalanche apart and it is such a unique and stylish brand because of it.

Simple Style 

Comfort is definitely the call of the day with the To The Grave Collection from Tsunami & Avalanche and whether it’s wolves, tigers or snakes that are you bag from a design point of view, you’ll find something that fits the bill here. The collection is typically produced in small batches so if you find yourself in desperate need of any of their wares (as we ourselves are) then you’ll need to move fast.



Brilliant designed and expertly crafted, the collections from Tsunami & Avalanche always leave us wanting more here at Coolector HQ and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for 2017.

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