The Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel

If you plan on tackling some wilderness terrains this upcoming autumn and winter, it certainly pays to be prepared and that means having the right tools at your disposal for any eventuality and this The Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel which is funding over on Kickstarter now is definitely one of the most functional and versatile products you’re likely to encounter and it might just come to your rescue in a pinch.

The Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel is a compact, lightweight, multi-functional snow shovel which has been purpose built to operate in extreme weather conditions. Carefully conceived and crafted in Ireland, and tested in Iceland, this first rate tool has clearly been built to perform in the most uncompromising of conditions and if you find yourself needing to dig yourself out of a snow drift this winter, it will be your new best friend.

Ready For Action

This cracking adventure tool has made a solid start over on Kickstarter as those who know the importance of being prepared are already snapping it up. The Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel combines an impact resistant, lightweight chassis along with a core set of eye-catching features which includes a snow shovel, retractable steel digging spade, extra wide scraper sheath, durable elastomer wipers and enhanced usability with our POWERGRIP™ handle platform to make it must have item for the boot of your car whenever heading out in treacherous conditions.

The Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel on Kickstarter has been designed with all sorts of activities in mind such as car adventures but it is certainly compact enough to be carried anywhere so it can definitely come in handy on your next camping trip for digging around the campsite and clearing a spot to put a tent. With the capacity to clear a snow covered car in just a matter of seconds, this is a tool that will come in mighty handy during the winter months and its highly versatile performance is certainly a feather in its cap.

Chock full of useful tools, the Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel boasts a root cutter, spade, shovel, ice scraper, snow plow, squeegee and reflector panels in what must be one of the most versatile winter tools on the market – something that is sure to make it appeal to any adventure lovers out there. This 7-in-1 multi-purpose tool is robust, well made and functional as it gets so it stands to reason that if you’ve any outdoor adventures or road trips planned in the winter months, it should be safely stowed away for the journey.

Rugged Construction

Regardless of the sorts of terrains you encounter, the rugged construction of the Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel means that it will handle it with ease. Whether it’s digging through dirt or snow or using it to clear the piled up snow on your car, this cracking multi-tool has so many different ways it can come in handy and you can pick one up for a bargain price on Kickstarter of just €40 during the campaign.

If you know you’re going to be beset by a snowy winter and want to make sure you’re prepared, backing the Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel on Kickstarter is a no brainer as they will get the product to you in time for winter following the completion of the crowdfunding campaign. A great product that any would be adventurer needs in their arsenal.

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