UFO Lift Desk

When picking a workspace, it can often be a difficult decision to decide between a sitting or standing option but if you want the best of both worlds, you’re not going to find many better candidates for the job than this aesthetically superior and supremely functional and versatile UFO Lift Desk from furniture designer, Pavel Vetrov. Boasting an engaging visual impact and the sort of innovative design that today’s creatives demand, it’s sure to find plenty of favour amongst interior design aficionados.

The UFO Lift Desk by Pavel Vetrov has been designed and crafted on behalf of Russian interior design and furniture brand, Zegen, and it offers the sort of striking, cleverly designed workspace that we love here at Coolector HQ. This fantastically conceived desk is a pleasingly modern reimagining of the tradition standing desk design subtracted of many of the more unsightly elements which you’re typically find with working from a computer while standing up.

Forward Thinking Design

Effortlessly switching between seated and standing positions is something that anyone who works at a desk will invariably want because it’s uncomfortable and even unhealthy to spend vast swathes of the day sitting in the same position. The UFO Lift Desk answers these problems with its intuitive design which has a work surface which has been designed to lift or return to a seated position at the mere touch of a button.

The contemporary design of the Pavel Vetrov designed UFO Lift Desk is coupled with an integrated vertical storage and display system which delivers an easy sight line to their sidekick mobile device screens such as smartphones, iPads and so forth. This fantastic piece of furniture design has a bold metal frame with a wood top design and a two-button lift motor which lets users switch between sitting and standing. A versatile metal stands is situated at the back of the desk surface and is designed to hold your EDC such as phones, keys, tablets and wallets.

With just a single sliding draw for internal storage, the UFO Lift Desk isn’t the sort of workspace that will invite clutter and is perfectly suited to the minimalistic, creative individual who likes to keep their desk neat and ordered. It has a clever cord management system which will ensure the wires and cables abundant with the use of computers, laptops, and other mobile charging systems will remain out of sight and not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the workspace as a whole.

Welcoming Workspace

Given that most of us will spend day in, day out tethered to our workspaces, it’s a good idea to think about choosing a piece that is as versatile and functional as possible and has the health benefits that come from standing. That’s why we’re loving the UFO Lift Desk here at The Coolector because not only does it boast a fantastically stylish visual impact, it will make your working day that much more flexible courtesy of its innovative, technological design features.

For any creative worker on the lookout for a new workspace and want something that offers the ideal balance between standing and sitting, the UFO Lift Desk from Pavel Vetrov is sure to tick all of the right boxes. Stylish, well crafted and cleverly designed to deliver the ultimate in performance, this is a desk that we’ve got a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ and we’ll definitely consider it for our next workspace.

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