UHURU Design Minim SIT|STAND Desk

We spend a lot of time thinking about workspaces here at Coolector HQ and will always be on the lookout for innovative, intuitive designs that make working more straightforward and functional and we’ve found an excellent candidate for exactly that in the shape of this great looking UHURU Design Minim SIT|STAND Desk which boasts a striking visual impact alongside a genuinely versatile performance that is sure to appeal to creative types.

The UHURU Design Minim SIT|STAND Desk is one of the coolest looking workspaces we’ve encountered in a while here at The Coolector and is geared towards being a workspace for two people. This superb looking piece of design by Brooklyn based workshop, UHURU, has an impressive amount of possibilities when it comes to choosing how you wish to use it and for anyone looking for a great-looking and functional new workspace, look no further.

Brilliant Brooklyn Design

It takes a lot of ingenuity to come up with a genuinely new take on the traditional workspace set up but Brooklyn natives, UHURU, have pulled something out of the bag with this excellent Minim SIT|STAND Desk. There is a clear attention to detail that has gone into every element of the design with this first class workspace and you’ll be left thoroughly impressed with how much versatility and functionality it provides for any creative individual.

The UHURU Design Minim SIT|STAND Desk boasts a robust and top performing electronic lift system which you’ll find built right into the sturdy steel base of the desk to make sure it’s hidden away from view and doesn’t serve as a distraction to the appealing, minimalistic design. The desk can be chosen in a number of different configuration styles – namely, with both workstations set at a fixed height, both with the SIT|STAND option, or one of each, depending on the preferences of those who are to be using it.

Highly customisable, you have the choice of five different materials for the surface of your UHURU Design Minim SIT|STAND Desk and this is joined by a choice of three different steel types for the base and three different colour felts to be used as a divider between the two desks. Undoubtedly one of the coolest looking desks on the market right now, this fantastic offering really does let you work how you want to and whether that’s sitting or standing, it’s got you covered.

No Longer Sacrificing Style For Functionality

Generally speaking most people would have to get a workspace that was either stylish or functional but seldom both. The UHURU Design Minim SIT|STAND Desk puts paid to this dilemma and delivers both with some considerable aplomb. You’ll love the aesthetic superiority of this cracking piece of designer furniture and you’ll not have encountered a workspace that delivers the same degree of versatility that is on offer here.

For those of you that are in need of a new workspace and typically share with another creative individual, the UHURU Design Minim SIT|STAND Desk might just be the ideal solution for you. Functional in the extreme and highly customisable in design, there really is nothing not to like with this exemplary piece of furniture from Brooklyn based, UHURU.

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