Uncharted Supply Co Quick Deploy Pack Raft

Spring is right around the corner now and, for a lot of people, this means turning their attention to what outdoor and wilderness adventures they can get up to during the next few months. If you’ve got aquatic adventures in mind and want to tackle something a little more action packed than a lake, this excellent looking Uncharted Supply Co Quick Deploy Pack Raft should be high on your list of essential purchases.

With a price tag of just $399, you’re getting a mighty accomplished vessel with the Uncharted Supply Co Quick Deploy Pack Raft. For those with adventure and adrenaline soaked activities in their blood, this might just be your new best friend this spring and summer. This wonderfully robust offering is one size and comes in a stealthy black colourway that will see you traversing the waterways in some considerable style in 2020 and beyond.

Adventure Ahoy

Made with outdoor adventures in mind, the Uncharted Supply Co Quick Deploy Pack Raft was the winner of Outdoor Retailer’s 2019 Best New Gear Award which is testament to its performance potential and what a great addition it will be to your line up of outdoor orientated wares. Somewhat extraordinarily, when packed, the Pack Raft is the size of a loaf of bread which makes it extremely portable and suitable for any camping or hiking trips you’ve got planned in the coming months.

Incredibly lightweight, the Uncharted Supply Co Quick Deploy Pack Raft ($399) is designed not to weigh you down when carrying it and will be ready to go in an instant when you do find a body of water that you want to tackle. It completely fills with air in less than a minute without any tools required and it is this level of functionality and versatility that sets it apart from other vessels on the market and makes it the ideal addition to any wilderness camping adventure.

The guys at Uncharted Supply Co certainly don’t mess around when it comes to survival and this shines through in all their first class products. All of the pieces in their lineup are carefully designed and intended to save lives and help you when your back’s against the wall. As possibly their most impressive design to date, the Pack Raft is a highly robust emergency raft that expands in less than a minute to help you navigate rough waters. 

Built to Last

As you would expect from a product designed for use in choppy waters, the Uncharted Supply Co Quick Deploy Pack Raft is made of tough materials that take no prisoners. Each one is crafted from durable nylon that’s both highly abrasion-resistant and intended for use in harsh, unforgiving climates and weather conditions.

Sized to effortlessly fit a full grown adult, the Quick Deploy Pack Raft from Uncharted Supply Co is ideal for wilderness exploration and the $399 price tag is a fair one for such a well made and versatile vessel. If you’re planning on hitting some waterways over the next few months and want the ideal ally by your side, look no further.

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