Undone x Peanuts Lunar Mission Watches

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’re likely aware that it is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and that has got us in a stargazing mood here at Coolector HQ and on the hunt for any space related awesomeness. That brings us nicely onto these fantastic looking UNDONE x Peanuts Lunar Mission Watches which, despite their cartoon aesthetic, have a decidedly classy look that we’re loving.

1969 was the year that man first landing on the moon and UNDONE is commemorating this very special year with another Peanuts collaboration for their limited edition series of UNDONE x Peanuts Lunar Mission Watches. From July 17th, join Snoopy and his gang on their shenanigans to the moon and back, zipped up in modern-day orange astronaut suits. These great looking timepieces from UNDONE are a celebration of an astronomical achievement of mankind and they can be on your wrist for under £300.

To The Moon & Back

From World War I flying ace to becoming an Astronaut, Snoopy flies you to the moon in these two Lunar Mission limited edition timepieces from UNDONE. Launched on May 18, 1969, Apollo 10 was the “dummy run” for the iconic Apollo 11 lunar landing, a final test of all components and procedures barring the landing sequence itself and this was an imperative part of the overall success of the moon landing. Prior to the mission, NASA contacted Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, who was thrilled to have his universally beloved characters as mission mascots and it is this which serves as the inspiration for this super cool limited edition watches from UNDONE.

Available in four different varieties, ranging in price from £275 to £365, these UNDONE x Peanuts Lunar Mission Watches don’t break the bank but do provide a great looking lunar inspired accessory for your wrist. Standard-issue watches for the astronauts project were equipped with a Velcro strap. Simple, secure, robust, and lightweight, the space-worthy strap was produced in various lengths and colors, and used both inside and outside the spacecraft. With two of these limited edition timepieces you’ll find an additional slip-in/slip-out parachute cord strap: a contemporary, elastic rendition of its Velcro predecessor, so you can strap up with ease like the astronauts did.

The watches boast a stainless steel case which is 40 / 41.8 mm in width and 12 mm thick, including hardened domed crystal covering for an added level of robustness for daily wear. It features multi-level polishing, clean edges, and detailed chamfers along the lugs – our subtle nod to vintage watchmaking. Some models are are also fitted with tachymeter bezel for calculating speed.

Vibrant Design

The bright orange versions of these UNDONE x Peanuts Lunar Mission Watches are striking enough to light up the dark side of the moon and will turn heads aplenty. You can choose from over 21 different dial designs with your favourite character in the spotlight. The entire Peanuts gang is uniformed up in ACES, or Advanced Crew Escape Suits, worn by NASA space shuttle crews since 2014 during ascent and entry and adds a playful element to the dial design.

Priced between £275 and £365, these limited edition watches from UNDONE are a bargain addition to any watch lover’s line up of timepieces and if you’ve got an affinity for either Peanuts or the moon landing (or both), they are an even more essential addition to your wrist. We love the vibrancy of the designs here at Coolector HQ and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on one to celebrate the achievement of NASA half a century ago.

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