Undone x Batman Quantum Watch

When it comes to collaboration releases few watchmakers are more accomplished and prolific than the guys at Undone and it’s their superhero releases which regularly turn our heads here at Coolector HQ and so it has proven once again with this UNDONE X Batman Quantum Watch. Driven by the success of their Batman 80th anniversary release, UNDONE have once again captivated fans and collectors with another awesome tribute to Gotham’s No.1 crimefighter, only this time with an even bigger and meaner array of weaponry.

Available in both a Standard Edition ($650) and Limited Edition ($799) iterations, the UNDONE x Batman Quantum Watch is the ideal addition to any watch lover’s line up of timepieces. The watch is an amalgamation of an ambitious reimagining of Batman’s formidable gadgetry. A wrist-worn “Quantum RADAR”, which boasts a powerhouse NH35A automatic movement, scratch-proof sapphire crystal dome and the same indestructible Grade II Titanium alloy case that typifies their superhero line up of watches.

Batman Brilliance

The UNDONE x Batman Quantum series will definitely be a welcome addition to the line up of both Batman fans and any discerning watch enthusiasts. The Batman Quantum Black (Limited Edition) and the Batman Quantum Silver (Standard Edition) are amongst our favourite watches from the guys at UNDONE to date. Based on the notion that anyone can be a superhero even in the absence of a superpower because, after all, who needs superpowers when you can afford yourself a super gadget inspired watch.

For the creation of the UNDONE x Batman Quantum Watches (from $650) great attention to detail to the classic design language in Batman’s unbeatable array of iconic suits, vehicles and gadgets. Taking design inspiration from the “Batmobile” and Mech-Batsuit, the case sports a muted and sinister colourway, along with a sophisticated, sandblasted finishing touch for an ultimate nod to its distinctive angles. The Batman Quantum Black boasts UNDONE’s new DLC (diamond-like-carbon) coating technology, which means your piece becomes even meaner and indestructible.

Eagle-eyed aficionados of Batman would note an understated highlight of the yellow date indicator wheel, reimagined to add a finishing touch to the muscular, blackout character. It is also a reminder of Batman’s distinctive yellow oval insignia (1989-1993) on his suit, brought back by Michael Keaton, who starred as the titular hero. When darkness falls, the lume of the watch illuminates to showcase a quantum radar–an icy blue, luminous detect-a-scope radar. The illumination is a symbol of Batman’s rebellion and fearsomeness and the refusal to fade into the night.

Magnificent Materials

The Batman Quantum series from UNDONE boasts a Japanese TMI NH35A Automatic Winding Mechanism (supplied by SEIKO Manufacturing (H.K.) Limited) which is housed in a Grade II Titanium case with a sandblasted finishing touch, finished off with a sapphire crystal lens for extra robustness. The case measures at 47mm (50mm including the crown) in diameter and a thickness of 16.25mm including the crystal lens.

The bezel of these Batman inspired watches comes to 43mm in diameter. Separating itself from the Standard Edition, the Batman Quantum Black (Limited Edition) comes with a DLC (diamond-like-carbon) coating and adds an extra touch of class to proceedings. If you want to add a stealthy touch of Gotham-inspired style to your wrist this fall, look no further.

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