Uppeal Adjustable Height Desk

More and more of us are starting to work from home and finding a flexible and versatile workspace has become a must. Well, we might just have found the ideal candidate in the shape of the Uppal Adjustable Height Desk which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. If you want to go from sitting to standing at a touch of a button, this is the workspace for you.

The Uppeal Adjustable Height Desk on Kickstarter has pricing that starts at $649 and goes from floor sitting to standing in the blink of an eye and by adding in this floor sitting option, the Uppeal ramps up your options still further. Given that we spend most of our waking life at our desks, shouldn’t they be as flexible as us? Uppeal certainly think so and that’s why they set about creating this fantastically functional workspace.

Innovative Design for Daily Use

By coming up with this unique design, the Uppeal Adjustable Desk enhances other aspects of existing adjustable height desks. For example, its wider legs give it an incredibly stable and rigid frame. Four internal motors give this classy desk a rapid rate of adjustment. To make it more responsive, Uppeal have integrated a capacitive touch control panel and have included programmable memory to store your favourite sitting positions and automatically return to them with the push of a button.

The patented lifting mechanism of the Uppeal Adjustable Height Desk allows for an extension ratio of 3.13:1 and it is this that allows adjustability from floor sitting height to standing height. The benefits of standing desks have been well established and a large number of desk workers use them on a daily basis to enhance their health and productivity. With Uppeal you get even more options about how you choose to work. What’s not to like?

Floor sitting opens up a vast array of comfortable and ergonomic seated positions and you’ll be able to enjoy them all with this Uppeal Adjustable Height Desk which can go from floor sitting to standing and every position in between. If you’re working from home for the foreseeable future and find yourself in the market for a more versatile workspace, the Uppeal Adjustable Desk gets our vote here at The Coolector.

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