Ural All Electric Motorbike

Ural are a workshop that have been on our radar for some time now here at Coolector HQ and this is even more the case now that we’ve come across the rather extraordinary looking Ural All Electric Motorbike. This magnificent looking machine has the makings of a classic and will definitely appeal to those men looking for a contemporary steed. This superb ride from Ural offers a totally new experience from their regular offerings and they are currently finalising the first development phase of this all-electric sidecar motorcycle.

The Ural All Electric Motorbike and Sidecar is built upon the workshop’s existing wheel drive cT chassis, which uses Zero Motorcycles’ proprietary powertrain package (motor, batteries, controller and other components). The California-based company ICG are responsible for the overall design and for crafting the initial prototype. Zero Motorcycles also provided the requisite engineering support during development and testing of the prototype which made this extraordinary machine a reality.

Totally New Experience

With the objective of this stunning steed being to provide Ural fans with an entirely new riding experience, it certainly looks like mission accomplished from what we can see at Coolector HQ. This majestic looking machine is made all the classier by the addition of the sidecar and it offers something regular two-wheeled motorcycles don’t: namely, passenger comfort, stability and safety. The All Electric Motorbike from Ural is very straightforward to control, courtesy of a low centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution.

The stability of the Ural All Electric Bike is second to none due to its three wheels. It doesn’t have clutch or gear shifter, twisting the throttle is basically all you need to operate the bike and the acceleration it offers will blow you away. Great to look at, handle and with the added benefit of being electric powered, this exemplary machine is a real triple threat. It is a fun and very versatile vehicle which you can pretty much use like a car.

Though currently in pre-production with no immediate release date, it is clear to see that the proof of concept with the Ural All Electric Bike is a pretty compelling one and we’ve definitely got our fingers crossed that it will get a release in 2019 here at Coolector HQ. With a Z-Force® 75-7 passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux, interior permanent magnet, brushless motor, the performance of this ride from Ural really is second to none.

Eye-Catching Performance

With a test range performance of 103 miles, you’ll definitely be able to take the Ural All Electric Motorbike on plenty of outdoor adventures. The recommended max cruising of the machine is 65MPH but reached a max speed of 88MPH during the testing so its certainly no slouch.

Ural are definitely going to garner a lot of fans for their All Electric Motorbike but don’t get your hopes up of an imminent release because perfection takes time and this looks like being one of the finest looking electric motorbikes out there. Stylish with brilliant handling and classic style, what’s not to like?

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