Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag

A company that emerges from the Australian outback is definitely going to know a thing or two about creating the best in adventure ready accessories and that’s certainly a piece of praise which you can apply to Ghost Outdoors. As if to prove that fact we have their awesome looking Undercover Cool Bag which might just be one of the most adventure ready carries you’ve ever likely to encounter.

The Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag ($139) is robust as they come and boasts a no-nonsense performance that makes it ideally suited to any wilderness excursions you’ve got planned in 2019 and beyond. This fantastic accessory from Australian lifestyle brand, Ghost Outdoors, has certainly caught our eye here at The Coolector with its stealthy aesthetic and first class craftsmanship throughout.

Durable Materials, Eye-Catching Style

Adventure is in the blood of Ghost Outdoors and this positively shines through in all the amazing products that they produce. The Undercover Cool Bag is their latest release and is certainly one of their finest to date. This first class carry is designed to have the technical features of a dry bag, but with the added convenience of a day pack, which makes the Undercover Cool Bag perfect for keeping your hands free and your beer cans cold for up to 48 hrs.

The Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag ($139) is the craft beer lover’s dream ticket when heading on adventures out into the great unknown because it will ensure your beverages stay frosty until you’ve tackled the terrains you want to and are ready for a cold one. Whether it’s trips to the beach, into the woods or camping excursions with friends, this top notch cool bag has got your back every step of the way.

Ideally suited for beaching, boating, day-tripping or BBQ-ing, the Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag does away with the need for a heavy, bulky cool box but does so without sacrificing any of the performance that you would expect from a cooler. This superb accessory from Ghost Outdoors is capable of carrying some 18 cans (or 14 beer bottles), and it can double as a flotation device in a pinch when required so it doesn’t just keep you nicely buzzed with its beer stowing capabilities.

Technical Performance

There are a lot of impressive, technical features to the Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag that helps to set it apart from the competition and this includes a waterproof, rip-stop tarpaulin outer, padded, insulating core which has been designed to maintain cooler temps for longer, a concealed matte black metal bottle opener and a weather proof front pocket to stash your phone, wallet and keys.

At just $139, the Ghost Outdoors Undercover Cool Bag represents excellent value for money in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and for those of you who love to venture into the great outdoors with plenty of craft beer in tow, it’s a must. Billed as Ghost Outdoors’ take on a camping staple, it is a way to get your cold beers from A to B and that makes it all right in our book. Boasting a restrained colour palette and understated detailing, you can toss it over your shoulder and take it anywhere.

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