Urwahn 3D-Printed Gravel E-Bike

3D printing is something that looks set to be used in all walks of life in the future as the technology behind it becomes more and more advanced and, if you’re a cycling aficionado, you’ll likely want to sit up and take notice of this thoroughly impressive Urwahn 3D-Printed Gravel E-Bike. This stunning steed comes from the German brand’s workshop and they are famed for their designs that stand out for their noticeably organic shaped cro-moly steel frames, two-wheeled designs that have been purpose-built to effortlessly transition from an urban surface onto gravel – making them the perfect option for someone who commutes but also enjoys weekend adventures out in the wild.

The Urwahn 3D-Printed Gravel E-Bike delivers an element of electricity into proceedings and integrates an internal battery and drive that has been implemented inconspicuously within its subtly bent 3D-printed frame and has been cleverly designed to hide away its technological assistance from view while maintaining an eye-catching silhouette of this e-Bike. It has been created in-house by Urwahn Bikes’s designer Sebastian Meinecke, and it abandons the conventional bicycle diamond geometry for an distinct bent frame that immediately draws the eye.

Electrifying Performance

Impressive from top to bottom, this e-Bike from Urwahn boasts a 3D-printed steel frame that is impactful visually as a whole, but also notable due to the fact it doesn’t possess any visible seams (early efforts for this purpose include their Stadtfuchs eBike made in collaboration with Austrian custom motorcycle brand Vagabund Moto). The internal battery can be accessed for maintenance through a bottom bracket opening, which supplies the rear motor with 250 Wh of power which is sufficient for a range of 80km (or about 50 miles) – which is more than enough for commuting and escapes out in the great outdoors.

Provisionally priced at €5499, the Urwahn 3D-Printed Gravel E-Bike certainly doesn’t come cheap but it is capable of delivering the sort of performance seldom seen in electric bikes and boasts one of the coolest aesthetics and manufacturing methods on the market. If you purchase one, there is an option for a water bottle shaped range extender that adds another 208 Wh of power for another 40-60 km of electrically-aided power, making an electric-assisted 100 mile journey a possibility between charges.

The rear motor of the Urwahn 3D-Printed Gravel E-Bike is speed-controlled, and capable of delivering W40 Nm of torque. In conjunction with the Shimano GRX 1-11-speed shifting group, riders can  tap into the bike’s electric system by utilising a thumb shifter, that enables three different riding modes (eco, sporty, burst) and optionally also controls the lighting system. After an e-bike a little different than the norm? This one from Urwahn definitely gets our vote here at Coolector HQ.

Leo Davie