We love finding new brands for our favourite products here at Coolector HQ and, given we’ve got a bit of a proclivity for bicycles, we were delighted to come across the superb looking URWAHN Bikes which are funding over on Kickstarter right now. The handiwork of a German design workshop, there is an immense amount of precision and craftsmanship that has gone into these bikes and their quality performance will make them an attractive proposition for cycling enthusiasts.

The beauty of URWAHN Bikes comes from the fact that they elegantly combine function, performance and safety into one attractive package as well as an clever design which has been tailor made for urban commuting. These striking steeds are funding on Kickstarter now and for anyone who likes the idea of getting behind the handlebars of a phenomenally engineered and crafted machine, this is the campaign for you.

Cycling Success

Taking their design inspiration from a desire to produce the ultimate in urban mobility, the team at URWAHN know that many of us use our bicycles for daily commutes more than anything else and have designed a number of bikes to reflect these requirements. Boasting a stealthy, timeless design that will resonate with today’s contemporary cyclists, there is an immense quality to these bikes and with various technological and smart components included within the design, they are the perfect choice for the 21st century urban explorer.

The URWAHN Bikes on Kickstarter come in two different varieties – namely, the Stadtfuchs Urban Commuter and the Platzhirsch Rough Purist – and they each have their own design merits that help them stand out from the crowd. Some of the finest features that these bikes have to offer include a robust but lightweight CrMO steel frame, integrated LED Light system, weather resistant Brooks saddle made from natural rubber and integrated theft protection via an integrated GPS tracking system.

These excellent looking bikes have been designed from the ground up with user-friendliness in mind and are geared towards making your daily commute that bit easier. Immensely comfortable to ride and with a striking visual impact, you’ll be hard pressed to find many urban bikes as attractive as these ones from URWAHN and with the peace of mind that comes from having integrated HexLox security features, you can ride this stunning steed around safe in the knowledge it is well protected.

Technological Features

There are some great technological additions to the URWAHN Bikes on Kickstarter that are sure to appeal to the gadget inclined. They come with an accompanying app which is quick and easy to access via Facebook and connects via Bluetooth. In addition they have lock and locate functionality which allows you to easily find your bike and lock and unlock it remotely when required. Last but not least, you can use the app to navigate around with turn by turn directions and the capacity to share your rides and adventures with friends via the app.

If you like German precision in your design choices, these URWAHN Bikes are sure to appeal and their quality is abundantly clear the minute you lay eyes on them. Designed with urban rides in mind, they are lightweight, stylish and offer a great level of comfort for all your day to day riding needs.

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