Vadolibero Bike Shelf

There are always sacrifices to be made from a space perspective when you want to make your bicycle a permanent fixture in your home and not leaving it to the elements outside but with awesome pieces of design like the Vadolibero Bike Shelf, it’s not the hardship it could be.

The Vadolibero Bike Shelf is, in essence, a book shelf but it incorporates a distinct separate space for storing your bicycle and it does it in such a way that will not only provide the storage space that you require for your bike but will also add significantly to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Customisable in design which means that you can set up your bike shelf from Vadolibero into a number of different configurations that suit your space requirements, it’s hard not to be impressed with the functionality of this cracking piece of design. It is available in two oakwood shades: a luminous, matte natural finish and a dark, elegant wenge tinted shade. Check out a few more shots below:









We’re all for clever bits of design which make the lives of cyclists easier here at Coolector HQ and that’s certainly something that can be applied to this super cool Vadolibero Bike Shelf. If you’re a cyclist and have been pining after something which will free up an abundance of space in your home and let you display your two-wheeled pride and joy in all its glory.

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