Vadolibero DOMUS R3 Bike Storage

Assuming that you take your cycling seriously and aren’t tootling around town on some beat up old bike, chances are you’ll be pretty proud of of your two-wheel steed and want to showcase it at every opportunity. Well, you can do exactly that with this superb looking DOMUS R3 Bike Storage from the Italian design studio, Vadolibero. This great looking piece of designer furniture takes bike display to a whole new level and will ensure that your ride doesn’t clutter up your hallway so you have to squeeze past it whenever it’s not in use.

Decidedly well-designed and versatile and functional in the extreme, this Vadolibero DOMUS R3 Bike Storage is purpose built to enhance your interior design aesthetic rather than detract from it and there are few things that will make a home or flat look messier than a bike left by the doorway. This fantastic piece of design has definitely turned our heads here at The Coolector and if you’re looking for the ultimate in classy means of storing your bike at home, this is surely it. This illuminated piece of furniture turns your bike into a work of art.

Keeping Things Classy

Billed as the most spectacular storage system on the market, the DOMUS R3 has been designed to celebrate your bike, without compromising on functionality. Courtesy of to its innovative design and clever details, this exclusive piece of furniture effortlessly blends into the most sophisticated surroundings. A stand out design feature of the product is the clothes rack that is shaped like a stylized handlebar, which reflects the Vadolibero logo and boasts an LED lamp operated by a touch sensor switch. When evening comes, it throws out an evocative light on your machine, showcasing it as the work of art it is.

The Vadolibero DOMUS R3 Bike Storage doesn’t come cheap at €5.5k but it will definitely be the sort of thing that a luxury home will appreciate if you’re after the most stylish means of keeping your two-wheeled ally on show. It comes with a regenerated leather mat that is shaped as the base and protects it from stains and scratches. It also has six solid wood pegs that allow you to hang all types of accessories on either side of the unit. There are also two leather hooks provided with a carabiner clip: fastened on the clothes rack, perfect for showing of some of your proudest possessions.

Suitable for every kind of bicycle, the width and the position of the satin stainless steel universal clamp on the DOMUS R3 can be easily adjusted to accommodate any wheel and handlebar’s size. It is available in different types of wood – namely, natural oak, dark brown oak, black oak, and the precious Canaletto walnut. They all have a sophisticated matte finish that enhances their visual impact still further. There is loads of storage space built into the unit which can be used to store all your EDC essentials, tech pieces and more. A great purchase for any cycling aficionados out there.

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